Adventure- Red Legion, Black Oil


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Name: Adventure- Red Legion, Black Oil
Recorded: 2017.10.29


++Sunken Isles, EDZ
Sloane: Guardian, listen to this. That black oily stuff that runs through Cabal armour? Apparently, it’s got multiple function. Assuming we can trust this intel.
Asher: Do you not trust facts? Hydrostatic organogel affects gravitational throughput for bipeds and vehicles. This is objectively true!
Ghost: Wait. That liquid inside Cabal armour… is also ship fuel?
Asher: More skepticism. Shoot them in their ridiculous helmets, analyse the results, and see for yourself.

**The Guardian goes and collects Organogel Samples
Sloane: Sounded like some solid precision kills from here. But what was that echo we heard on the last two?
Ghost: Local interference. I’m reading a huge cache of that oil stuff inside the Orobas Vectura.

**The Guardian heads inside the Cabal ship, Orobas Vectora.
Sloane: If there is a stockpile inside the ship, then the Cabal are planning something bit. You have enough firepower to destroy it all?
Asher: Destroying it is a wasted opportunity! The chemical makeup of the organogel contrains pathways for data transmissions.
Ghost: So you’re saying I can… hack their body fuel?
Asher: No! … well … yes! Ugh.

++Echion Hold
Sloane: Dont listen to Asher. Destroy that stuff Guardian.
Asher: Don’t lister to… whatever her name is! The answer is sabotage

**The Guardian choses to sabotage the organogel
Ghost: Asher was right. I’ve integrated a simple endless loop into the fuel supply. When any device- you stopped listening didn’t you?
Asher: But I am listening! Continue your stealthy work, Hunter. That organogel is no treasure to be pilfered.

**The Guardian and Ghost sabotages Fuel Injection systems
Ghost: I’ve sabotaged their entire supply.
Asher: Those Cabal simpletons will display their ignorance on a grand scale. I cannot wait!
And you left things remarkably undestroyed. How novel.
Sloane: If I know the Legion, they’ll be bringing out the big guns once they realise what you all did.

++Sunken Isles
**The Guardian escapes the ship and draws out Cabal Gun Ships
Ghost: This is a perfect spot. And here they come, just like Sloane said.
Asher: Then put away your weapons and revel in your handiwork!

**The Gun Ships explode
Ghost: Asher, you are a genius.
Asher: Do not waste my time with redundant flatteries! Instead, ruminate on the result of this experiment. Wanton destruction does not equate to victory!
Sloane: But it sure does feel good. Great work all around. You too, Asher.
Asher: Hmph!

The Guardian chooses to destroy the organogel.
Ghost: That explosion triggered some kind of seismic alarm. The Cabal are sending reinforcements.
Sloane: We both know they won’t be enough, Titan. Keep blowing up that fuel.

**The Guardian blows up all the fuel
Sloane: Excellent wor, you two. Asher disconnected a while ago, bit I was with you the whole way. You set the Cabal back weeks with all that destruction. Never had a doubt.

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@baxter Ive added optional tags to both endings since well, you have to chose which ending you want, and the other ending is locked out. is that ok?


Thanks! I modified the syntax slightly. The parser expects the opening curly brace to be on the same line as ‘OPTIONAL’ so

Ghost: My Line!