Are Guardians 'Preserved' By the Light?

Wow, this thread is really deep.
But what I think is that the ghost re-animates our corpses no matter how badly decomposed they are.
Maybe with a form of the Glimmer technology which can change to fit the gaps in our flesh and bones?
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The Cabal call our ghost : De-something. Off to read what it is

Dead Person I believe.


Probably like engram technology.

If I recall correctly, there are two mentions of something similar to this “In Between” state you mentioned.

One of them is Legends: The Black Garden, where Pujari jumps to the acid lakes of Venus to “die” and see some strange visions about the Black Garden.

The other one is Ghost Fragment: Exo 2. where an Exo guardian “dies” with the purpose of getting some of their memories back. However, it is implied that at the last experiment, he does not return from the dead as Pujari does.

I think guardians do have some kind of an “In Between” place where they experience things (like memories or visions).


And I just KNOW there’s a group of Warlocks who kill themselves to experience visions!
But I can’t remember their* name or the item that refrences them!
Anyone know?

Thanatonauts are the ones you’re talkin about.


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I know I haven’t been in this thread (hope you don’t mind) but this really reminds me of in the books of sorrow how Oryx and his siblings keep killing each other to increase their power. Just a thought although maybe the warlocks who killed themselves where trying that philosophy. My opinion on the ressurecting of guardians is exactly that. I think they live and die but whenever they die they need to be brought back by the ghost’s light. Also something which wasn’t mentioned is what happens to guardians who grow old without dying? (Inbetween wars) Do they just stay dead until the light needs them again?


To answer your question I don’t believe guardians age once they’re first reanimated by their ghost. If you remember at the beginning of Rise of Iron, Saladin was the same age in the SIVA Production Complex as he is now. It could be something the ghosts do. I would assume if our ghost can heal otherwise mortal wounds before we die, they could preserve our guardian’s age.

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I guess the light makes them immortal then. Except if the darkness consumes them for itself. Then they die.

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I don’t think the actual Light makes us immortal. The Light, one which filters through the Ghost, is what revives us.

The thing is, without our Light - our own, specific spark - we can’t be revived.

I agree. The Light inside definitely is what keeps the guardians going. It also explains why if you die in certain places it says that ‘the darkness consumed you’ which implies it ate your light which is why you actually ‘die’

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I see what you mean, but what I was implying is that the Ghost uses the Light around and our spark to revive us.

Based on darkness zones suppressing resurrections?

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I believe it is all science based either through are DNA or EXO frame on a quantum level there is a “light particle” that we posses from our previous exposure to the traveler or light in general pre-collapse. And this particle is quantumly entangled with a corresponding particle that your ghost posses which would explain why your ghost is bound to your pile of bones or frame and has to search for you. and as far as resurrection our ghost are capable of “transmitting” or teleportation we need to first figure out if its quantum teleportation where your atoms switch places with another mass of atoms or if its star trek teleportation where your scanned on a atomic level then ripped apart and your atoms are transmitted at the speed of light with instructions on reassembly either way both methods would have a inherent ability to “make copies” so I think our ghost would just use this info to just recreate you with any old matter lying around when your completely destroyed and this could also explain why we don’t age since we’re just copy’s of copy’s and as far as our consciousness or the spiritual side of it its possible that the light it self is our consciousness and the afterwards or afterlife is that as pure light or non corporeal existence. we were then stored or sheltered in the traveler and that our soul or consciousness is in fact what gives the ghost its sentience or life and were then sent to go find our body’s and that combined with quantum entanglement is how we are made to be immortal

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According to Destinypedia, “Transmat is a type of matter-transport technology used by forces of the City including the Guardians. It can be used to transport objects via an Orbital Grid.”

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