Bored Guardian Lore

So i got really bored because i just finished a test in school so i wrote lore for my Guardian.
Guardian Name:Epiales
Pre Res Name:Jason Anders
Active Guardian Years:5 Years
Age Of Mortal Death:32
Known Aliases:Keeper Of Death
Holder Of Nightmares
Bringer Of Fate (All names given by Hive gods Epiales has killed.)

Pre Res Profile:During the Golden Age, Jason was a odd man in life, he studied in Greek Gods, but one in particular…Epiales. He was fascinated by the prospect of being a God Of Nightmares, and how the concept worked, During his trip to the library The Darkness Struck…He lived through the attack but a few years into The Dark Age he died, he was shot during a scavenge and bled out before he could get help.

Guardian Profile:Epiales was a talented Guardian, he defeated Crota,Oryx,Nokris, and many other hive gods, They called him “The Nightmare Of The Light”, he dealt a hand in defeating Ghaul but not much, During the Red War he led nearly all of the expeditions against the Red Legion.Now he resides on the Moon, helping Eris get rid of the nightmares.Being a Hunter, No one expected much of him, Now he is one of the Elites and leads his own group of Hunters called The Bladed Wayfayers.Epiales spends his free time hunting Hive and relaxing at a Bar downtown called The Sharpest Edge drinking Beer and eating cheesecake (A recipe that managed to live through the Golden Ages and the Dark Ages)

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