Can We Wield the Powers of the Deep?


But are there more worm gods for us to kill? We don’t know how to use sword logic. We only know it’s effects. I think killing Akka was a once off way to get the tablets and even so the tablets only tell you how to take, not necessarily sword logic.


This is true. However the actual question being posed here wasn’t whether or not we could wield the deep, period. It was whether or not we could wield them while holding fast to our light based philosophy and tenants.


I say not. Those who come to destroy the traveler are labeled as enemies of its light and thus what is light seeks to create and what is dark seeks to destroy what has been created. This would cause self conflict and most probably death because if a guardians light is lost they can die (Dredgen Yor’s ghost says so). Unless we were to bond with a worm larva like the Hive and gain immortality thus. I still think it isn’t possible to be impartial.