Deep-space anomaly mentioned in Utopia mission

I was running the Utopia mission on Titan when I happened to notice an interesting line show up in the captions on the bottom of the screen. It said: “Local officials will neither confirm nor deny the existence of any so-called deep-space anomaly” (see picture).

It was only when I was looking over the transcript of this mission by @pirate_dani that I realised that the line I saw was not the same as the one she got when she ran the mission. I didn’t realise that when I did the mission, otherwise I would have got a video of it. However, I was able to find a video of someone else who got the same lines as I did. Here’s a link (skip to 2m 15s). This video also includes a second line which is different from the one pirate_dani got for her transcription but is the same as what I got. It says: “The New Pacific Academy is proud to offer degrees in Methane-Oceanography and Tidal Engineering” (skip to 2m 28s). I believe these lines are said by the Arcology PA system.

Aside from this being alternate dialogue for the mission, what really interested me about the mention of a “deep-space anomaly” is that it is likely to be linked to the mention of an “anomaly” in the Lost Pacific gear. The Lost Pacific Gauntlets say:

“Send a deep-space probe toward the anomaly. I want to know what it is.” —Dr. Shanice Pell

The Lost Pacific Plate says:

“The probe’s initial data makes no sense. And then the signal died. What have we found?” —Dr. Shanice Pell

The Lost Pacific Helmet says:

“I need more data. And… put the lab on yellow alert.” —Dr. Shanice Pell

The Lost Pacific Greaves say:

“This research has to get out. Even if I don’t. People have to know what this ‘anomaly’ is.” —Last Recording of Dr. Shanice Pell

The Lost Pacific Mark says that the armour for the Lost Pacific set was made from “Golden Age space suits”. The Arcology’s announcement over the PA system about the deep-space anomaly would also have originally been made during the Golden Age. This suggests that Dr Shanice Pell, who is quoted in the Lost Pacific gear’s entries, was a researcher or scientist working on Titan during the Golden Age.

So what, then, was the “deep-space anomaly” referring to? The anomaly detected by the probe was detected during the Golden Age. There is one other case of something strange in deep space being detected during the Golden Age: Rasputin’s detection of the Darkness prior to the Collapse, as described in Ghost Fragment: Darkness. If the probe did indeed detect the Darkness, this would explain why the probe’s data “made no sense”. Even Rasputin was not able to fully understand exactly what it was that he’d detected. The Darkness card says:

Multiple distributed ISR assets report a TRANSIENT NEAR EXTRASOLAR EVENT. Event duration ZERO POINT THREE SECONDS. Event footprint includes sterile neutrino scattering and gravity waves. Omnibus analysis detects deep structure information content (nine sigma) and internal teleonomy.

No hypothesis on event mechanism (FLAG ACAUSAL). Bootstrap simulation suggests event is DIRECTED and INIMICABLE (convergent q-Bayes/Monte Carlo probability approaches 1).

No hypothesis on deep structure encoding (TCC/NP-HARD).

Nevertheless, Rasputin was able to determine that whatever it was he had detected was very bad and a huge threat:


Promote event to SKYSHOCK: OCP: EXTINCTION. Activate VOLUSPA. Activate YUGA. Cauterize public sources to SECURE ISIS and harden for defensive action.

I am invoking CARRHAE WHITE and assuming control of solar defenses.

I think that this shows that the deep-space anomaly detected by Dr Pell’s probe was the Darkness. If this is the case, it could explain why the local officials did not want to cause panic by announcing that they’d detected something unknown and which could be a possible threat, hence the PA announcement.


I also got that line on my first run of the mission!
It’s amazing to see how the in-game voice lines directly refrence flavour text!


Does the Arcology have idle PA announements in patrol do we know?

I don’t recall hearing any announcements when I’ve been in the Arcology on patrol or adventures but I might have missed them, or perhaps I didn’t hang around long enough to hear any.

I don’t know if there are random pa announcements but the communication equipment that is right next at all landing zones has random conversations between any 2 of the vanguard, hawthorn, world vendors, Amanda holiday, or the 3 faction reps. I even cought part of one conversation between ikora and ashier talking about Osiris. I might have even got a game capture of part of it


I didn’t know about those conversations. If you’ve got footage of the one between Ikora and Asher that would be great! I’ll have to listen out for those conversations myself sometime.


Rasputin mentioned sterile neutrino scattering. Which is the darkness. Maybe this anomaly was the darkness, and they managed to accidentally attract it. That is something I didn’t consider when I read the armor. Maybe the " deep space " anomaly really was too far out to suddenly appear and destroy us, causing the collapse, but no one would expect it because they covered up the attack.

In the Sacrilege story mission, Asher says both “All channels, this is a Skyshock Alert!” and “Then why am I still seeing sterile neutrino scattering?”

Does this mean Asher was using Warmind observation technology even before the Fury mission?


Asher mentions sterile neutrinos right before you meet the Taken on Io during the mission Fury. Ikora literally says, “He means the Taken.” She then mentions something about Asher hiring a translator. Because of statements like these, I always assumed that sterile neutrinos referred to the Taken. It’s possible that these things were meant to point towards The Darkness but Bungie later decided to deviate from that storyline/plot.

Here it is from the Fury transcripts

Asher says **The Guardian heads for the Cabal base.
Asher: I find it incredible that those myopic Red Legion ignorami did not realise they were drilling directly into a Warmind Vault.
Ikora: Stranger things happen everyday.
Asher: I’m detecting a spike in paracausal energy. Sterile neutrino particles have quintupled.
Ikora: He means watch out for the Taken. You should hire a translator, Asher.

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Getting a little off topic here, but back in @DrJazzyBebop original post he mentions the Ghost Fragment: Darkness 5 and in it Rasputin says “Activate VOLUSPA”. Does this have anything to do with the thing mentioned in the sparrow Vespulaser’s lore tab? EDIT: Sorry if I formated wrong, my first time commenting.

VOLUSPA is one of Rasputin’s protocols. There isn’t much info on what Vespulaser is unfortunately, the only time it’s mentioned is in the Vespulaser lore entry. It sounds like Vespulaser is something physical, possibly a sparrow or some other type of machine, rather than one of Rasputin’s protocols. It could also be a warsat since the item description is “warsat incoming”. There’s no mention of VOLUSPA in the lore entry for Vespulaser either, so it doesn’t seem like they’re related.

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What if the VOLUSPA protocol is weapons dropped in warsats, and the weapons were deployed to Io because of the high concentration of taken, and the people in the Vespulaser lore hardwired it into a sparrow, because the sparrow looks kinda weapon-like.

i feel that this could be the big space triangles that we see at the end of the destiny 2 vanilla campain. mostly cus they have been seen to be far away from us, and could be conciderd in deep space, and they seem much more advanced then most of the things we have seen in destiny 1&2. of course this is just speculation.

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The thing about that theory is that the triangle ships we saw were way out there. They were millions of miles away from even the Reef, and that is far far away from Io.

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You ave to remember that this was during the golden age of humanity. It’s fully possible that they did detect them, even if they were millions of miles away.

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yeah. and anything not beond the reef wouldnt really be called ‘deep space’.

It seemed to me that they were outside the Milky Way but maybe I got mixed up.