Final Assault, Vex Offensive

Name: Final Assault, Vex Offensive
Recorded: 2019.11.19


++ Aperture, Black Garden

** The Guardian hacks a Vex network, dismantles Vex and silences the Oracles to be able to move forward.

Ghost: When Guardians last faced the Undying Mind, the Vex were trying to seal the Garden to resurrect the Black Heart. The object of their worship. Darkness incarnate. I wonder if that’s still the case… or if the Pyramid forced a change of priority.

** The Guardian repeats the same process in a location further ahead.

Ghost: There are hundreds, maybe thousands of copies of the Undying Mind lurking in the network. The only way we’ll put an end to the Vex incursions on the Moon is by destroying every last one. We’ve got a lot of work ahead of us. This fight is just step one.

** The Guardian approaches the place to put the beacon to attract the a Undying Mind

Ghost: Ikora’s portal should wrench the Undying Mind from wherever - whenever - it might be hiding. Be ready. Once the beacon is deployed, there’s no turning back.

** The Guardian places the beacon and an Undying Mind comes through Ikora’s portal. The Guardian defeats the Undying Mind.

Ghost: Great work, Guardian. That’s one Undying Mind down. But there are still a great many more left to go. Fortunately for us, we’re not alone in this fight.