Ghost Scan - Mars, Alton Dynamo (#2)

Zone: Mars
Area: Alton Dynamo
Recorded: 2018.05.13


Concierge AI: Clovis Bray is pushing the limits of computer science and engineering to secure Humanity’s future. Our Warmind project is a ground-breaking defense AI. Would you like to know more?
Concierge AI: The Warmind is a crowning achievement in Human engineering. Utilizing the latest techniques in quantum and engramic computing to create a neural network of unprecedented processing power. Artificial neural networks are probabilistic systems that rely on a method of error calculation known as backpropagation. They are good at pattern recognition, but must be fed “correct” outputs to be properly calibrated.
Concierge AI: In the past, one could create a neural network able to identify a feline or canine when given images of these animals but it would never be able to find a useful application for that knowledge on its own. The approach with Rasputin was to create a nested neural network that could not only detect patterns on a small scale, but recursively find patterns among all of its data. The end goal for this machine is for it to see things in a way that Humans cannot, and thus predict and eliminate threats before we know of them.

Every time I see this sort of thing in the lore for Warmind, I keep wondering how this seemed like a good idea. It’s not like it was just a lone mad scientist. Did the Traveler come and remove all science fiction media of any kind from Earth?

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First, great work. But I did some looking online and have some Bungie concerns. The word engramic seems to be a made up word from our dear friend L Ron Hubbard, famed fiction author and creator of scientology. Are we to take it that Bungie has been infiltrated by scientologists?

You have to wonder sometimes what made them thinking that giving full control of the defence network, as mentioned in another scan, to a single entity was a good idea. They must not have heard of all the science fiction stories about AIs going rogue :stuck_out_tongue:

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Thanks! Engramic is more likely to refer to computing involving engrams, like the ones we collect in game, as mentioned in another scan.

Created Ghost Scan: Alton Dynamo, Mars, #2 based on this post.

I would have thought so too, but Bungie has a habit of using archaic phrases that are based on historical and mythical events and things.

The other reason I’m not bought into the engram theory is because engrams are based on golden age items. I don’t profess to know enough of the cryptarc lore so maybe I’m off on that assumption.

Or was Clovis Bray creating engrams as a means to store technology for historical purposes?

Within Destiny, Engrams are a technology invented by Willa Bray during the Golden Age, based on her research into relic crystals on Mars.

In the real world, the word “Engram” was not invented by L. Ron Hubbard, but was coined by Richard Semon in the early 20th century to describe the theoretical unit in which memories were stored.


Thanks for the clarification! Although, Mr Hubbard did coin the phrase engramic. I need to do some more reading on Willa Bray is what it sounds like.

At least they tried to make Rasputin human-like and give him a set of morals, as detailed in this document in which I compiled a few Lore Transcripts, unlike some people we know cough cough Quarians, the Institute, etc.

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And can we even trust him? Y’all are awesome taking the time to put pencil to paper or rather keystroke to bytes.

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I for one will never trust Rasputin.