Quest: Dismantling the Empire, Beyond Light

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Name: Dismantling the Empire
Recorded: 2020.12.9


++ Charon’s Crossing, Europa

** The Guardian returns to Variks to plan Eramis’s downfall.

Variks: Eramis wished to return the Eliksni to greatness. Variks wished to follow her. But her anger has made her blind. And it has made Variks see. Eramis cannot save the Eliksni. And we cannot save Eramis. We must help the Eliksni who wish to flee Eramis. We must give them the second chance she promised. I won’t lie; it scares me. And then… the way will be clear for you to end her reign.

// REFERENCE {interaction:variks-looks-somber|Variks the Loyal — Beyond Light}

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