The Devil’s Hand exotic hand cannon concept

Name: Devil’s hand

Weapon quote: The devil always gets the winning hand

How the weapon looks: think D2 ace of spades but anywhere there is an ace on this gun there is a black butler pentagram, picture of said pentagram here:

Intrinsic perk:
Demon’s pardon: Each bullet burns the opponent for 20 seconds after it hits the target and killing burning opponents with a bullet leaves a Devil’s Soul on their corpse to be picked up by the player

Secondary special perk:
Demon’s Embrace(works differently in pvp then in pve):
PvE(only works on minors and select majors): when you pick up a devil’s Soul the dead enemy rises and fights on your side, you also get a speed and health recovery boost

PvP: when you pick up a devil’s Soul you get a speed boost, health recovery boost, an over shield (like in gambit), and a 5x damage multiplier (speed boost, health recovery boost and damage multiplier only last 10 seconds, the over shield lasts until depleted)

RPM: 140

Magazine size: 20

First of all, I think that EVERY part of this needs to be toned down. A mag size of 20 is ridiculous. Maybe 12 to 13. Also, a 5x damage buff would allow this HAND CANNON to one-shot out of a super. Not cool. Maybe something similar to Kill Clip, around the realm of 76% buff, or .76x buff. Also, no permanent overshield. Make it last about 5 seconds, and same with all of the buffs, about 5 seconds. Also, the burn lasting 20 seconds is really overkill. Maybe about 3-5 seconds, in the realm of thorn and other burn effects. I would say have it hit 67/49 with a 8 DPS burn effect. That would make it a little more balanced. Other than that, love the concept.

Good ideas if this was supposed to be an actual weapon but the point of the concept is to see how OP a gun could be (also the quest would be absolutely ridiculous)

Whenever I try and make a concept I try to make it as balanced as possible, so that is also how I read concepts.

That’s fine, if it interests anyone I might make an exotic quest for this weapon

Why not? I would like to see how you manage to get this into a quest.

That sounds cool. Might be able to make it deal with Eris or Drifter. They both seem like would who would know where to get this kind of weapon.

K, i’ll Make a quest but it might start with drifter but end up in the hands of the person who’s name is the handcannon’s

Now back to what you said about making an overpowered gun, would you like me to see what I can do about that?

Sure 2 characters meep

Alright, alright, alright, I’ll see what op stuff I can pull out of my head. It might take me a bit to get an idea done to a point I consider good enought to share, but I’ll try and have it done by Wendsday.

K 20 characters meep

Quest link: The Devil’s hand exotic hand cannon concept quest