The Pyramid Ships: What are they? And what purpose do they serve?


True true. I guess where I was going with this was if it could be possible (eventually) for us to have no use of the traveler. I’m very off-topic now but if the light is “in everything” is it forseeable that we might eventually learn to channel this light without need of the traveler as a focus/beacon/etc


You mean like the force in start wars? I would say to you that the light is not on everything. I would say that it is everywhere where the Darkness isn’t


unfortunately this is exactly what the speaker says



Those Pyramid ships are either the Darkness, in other words. Round 2, or they’re a new race we’ll encounter. They could also be what the Cabal is running away from.

Who knows?


Perhaps they are all of the above. A new species, which uses the power of the Darkness (contrasting with the power of our Light) and destroyed the Cabal homeworld, causing them to flee. However, I’m not sure if the Cabal ever actually encountered the Traveller, and so the Pyramid ships would have no need to go to their planet, as they do not wield the light.


Unless the Cabal fired first. Knowing them.


Maybe in order to earn the power of these dark travelers potential species have to go through a series of trials in order to become worthy.


Well that to me just seems like speculating. We need harder evidence before we can say things like that. Plus your statement itself does not seem to quite fit the current discussion. Could you please elaborate if I have misunderstood you. :slight_smile:


There’s a ton of imagery and Grimore to suggest the tetrahedron ships are the “Darkness”. The opening cinematics of the campaign show a bunch of pyramids falling into the water (the Deep), the Traveler being chased by a big black triangle etc.

My thought is that there are multiple Travelers (or there used to be and maybe ours is the only one left) and the Darkness’ mirror to the Travelers are these giant black tetrahedrons. So that they aren’t actual “ships” carrying a new species, but “Dark Travelers” coming to hunt ours down. I’m assuming they would bring with them the powers of the Darkness to bestow on species they think are worthy, like the Hive.

Their appearance is completely opposite of the Traveler, so that makes me think they are the “dark mirror”.

Traveler = white and round
Tetrahedron = black and pointy

My thought on that concept art showing the 4 races is that the last race with the triangles looks a lot like Taken enemies with the big white eye. Maybe the Dark Travelers bring a bunch of different races of Taken enemies with them.


Pretty much all of this has been said. Just thought i should say. Pls just make sure you read all that’s been said so you don’t waste your breath.


I believe I mentioned all of this in the original post, but with regards to them “bestowing” the power, this goes against what the Deep says. Remember that Oryx isn’t given the power of the Darkness, he took it. So it would make sense to say that these “Dark Travellers” would instead transfer this power from one species to another if the species on that planet is victorious over the Dark Traveller.

They are the opposite of the Traveller, so it would make sense for them to operate oppositely too