The Resource Grind: The Cabal’s Fight for Survival


great point and i agree :slight_smile: but that dig could be for Vex tech that they seemed to be very instered in.


a great point! i agree with the timeline views, and good point on the guardian prescence.


i would agree that whatever plan was first in place has been changed. And with the new information, the situation changes a tad. i would still think that the detachement we saw didnt have any plans to attack initally. But preparing for another group TO attack is quite possible. good point


perhaps they arent fleeing FROM the Darkness but rather fleeing from the ultimate fate of being consumed by it. That its not an imidiate threat, but a looming one. They could know about the Darkness and working to find a way to beat it.


Based off what Ghaul said to the Speaker, he studied the Traveler for years. And studied the worlds it touched. In the Limited edition D2 box, they talked about the Hive, so they have had some prior knowledge of the Traveler. Maybe they were going after the Traveler too. I’d had to reread my limited edition pages.


I know I’m about year late here, but given the release of Destiny 2 and the Cabal-focused main campaign I thought I’d revisit the theory here.

While the D2 storyline is focused on Ghaul and his attempt at obtaining the light from the Traveler, I actually think that Kek’s original comment here makes for a MUCH more believable story, fits better from a lore perspective, and would make better sense overall.

…the logical response to us killing them on Mars is to try to go for the source of our power, the Ghosts and what seems to be the source for Light in our system, the Traveler.

I think the following would make more sense in D2:

  • Cabal learn that Guardians pose a threat
  • Cabal Exclusion Zone falls to the Guardians
  • Cabal learn of Hive destroying Guardian offensive on the Moon
  • Cabal establish beach head on The Dreadnaught to capture Hive leaders with info on stopping guardians. They learn of Ghosts and the Traveler.
  • Oryx decimates the Cabal group on The Dreadnaught.
  • Cabal send outbound signal to Red Legion about the failed Dreadnaught operations.
  • Red Legion show up, Traveler is “dead”/inactive, Guardians roam wherever, the Dreadnaught is still standing. Hive are expanding in the solar system.

My thoughts on a D2 alternate storyline:

  • Ghaul as new Cabal empire leader will solve the problem by nuking the entire solar system. The Almighty is deployed to wipe out the Sun and the explosion would cripple all races in the solar system, including the Traveler.
  • Ghaul blocks the light of the traveler to prevent guardians from fighting back.
  • Ghaul can’t get light because the Traveler "gives” it those found worthy, through the ghosts. If the Cabal haven’t been chosen, then they can’t get the powers of the light.

We end up with the same campaign, except for the weird Ghaul 180 where he goes from crushing everything in his way to suddenly, don’t bother me because I’m fascinated with the light and the Traveler. Even the Consul is taken back in the story as to why Ghaul is not following through with the plan. But Ghaul never says that his plan is to wipe out everything it’s always about the light for himself since the beginning.

For what it’s worth, I think if there’s 1 Cabal that we can see would WANT the light for himself it would be Calus. He’s been exiled from the empire by Ghaul and obtaining the light for himself and his shadow guard would give them the advantage he needs to fight back against Ghaul.

I think that would have made 10x more sense than Ghaul pulling a 180 that we got in the D2 campaign.


Ghaul was the biggest disappointment for me. It just felt like they didn’t use him to his fullest. His entrance was intimidating and mysterious and then…he just becomes obsessive. That would be fine if we ever really understood why.

For a Cabal centered campaign, it felt like their reasons for doing things weren’t adequately explained. Strong start, but motives were messy.