The Shadow’s story part 2

Hey guys I don’t know if you like this story so far or not based on no comments on the last one so I waited a few days and am now posting the second part, enjoy!

He was crouched on a tree branch, scope to his eye, pop, pop, pop, 3 bodies drop, he drops to the ground and out of the trees, they are on a cliff that is a 20 ft long by 10 foot rectangle, he drops the bodies of the side of the cliff and takes over their camp. His ghost appears, it is a black shell, with almost a dark aura to it “so who did you choose? The man with a gambit or the what is a group of now two rather than three people who took you in when you resurrected” the ghost says “I took a gambit and joined a drifter” he replies “very well, we need to go soon, more fallen incoming” his ghost says, it disappears, he nods and transmits to his ship. He then flies to the city, heads to an abandoned building, sets up shop inside, gets his sniper trained on the street, he was hired to kill a warlock whom he sees within 5 minutes of setting up. He fires one shot, ghost explodes, fires second shot, a body drops, vanguard rushes to her side, too late, she’s dead, they curse and see The Shadow’s barrel leave the window. They follow him out the door and pin him down at the ship yard, he escapes by cutting off one of Ikora’s legs and using it as a distraction for him to get in his ship and flies away, ikora survives but she now has a cybernetic leg. The Shadow goes to a secluded area and sifts through ashes, he takes his helmet off his head, a single tear falls and hits the ground, his ghost appears “so the shadow Greaves for something? It cares for something?” The ghost asks “A shadow feels nothing, only respectful tribute” he replies “you sure?” The ghost says “as sure as the warlock’s death” he replies as he shoots his ghost and it explodes on the spot.