Who's talking in GF: City Age

Speaking of, Bannerfall reads “This site marks a legendary battle where New Monarchy’s Guardians rose to deliver the final blow to the Concordat, unraveling the war effort Lysander sought to bring against the Vanguard.” Lysander sought to bring a war effort against the Vanguard in particular, apparently.

I’ve been reading about the Consensus. Ghost Fragment: New Monarchy has a list of the faction precepts (No idea if these are their true goals or their public mission statement) the last of which reads “To, by vote of the Consensus, abolish the Consensus, and transfer ultimate power, in order that the rights and liberties of all citizens be secured, to a single sovereign of unimpeachable character.”

This sounds like a decision made by quorum which would have to be approved and marginally democratic, right? Well, New Monarchy also pledges to “5. To support the natural harmony of the City, and to actively dissuade any group or individual that might disrupt that harmony.
6. To hold all individuals, compacts, and alliances to the highest standards of productivity and right behavior.” Which sounds perfectly upstanding until you realize it’s entirely subjective to the opinion of New Monarchy themselves.

This mandate involves removing from the Consensus those who would presumably vote against such an institution, like the Concordat, who through albeit questionable methods are trying to bring true democracy. The new obstacle is Dead Orbit, who want to abandon the Traveler and City altogether. Who’s feuding with them as we speak? None other than New Monarchy.

New Monarchy reads “Leery of the fragile state of the City’s politics, the New Monarchy maintains a watchful eye on the Speaker, the Consensus, and the Vanguard, seeking the leadership that will properly reign over the City and return our civilization to its Golden Age splendor. If that leadership cannot be found, then it must be created.”

Something about all that doesn’t sit quite right.

I would say that this a meeting of the consensus and that the other two people speaking are probably just nameless politicians.
Or if you need names and people, they might be the leaders of New Monarchy and Dead Orbit?
But I believe that they’re just random politicians.

This is a pretty cool selection of people but I think it’s just random politicians + Zavala.