2nd Exotic Concept (Auto Rifle)

Ok new exotic concept! im gonna be rolling these out alot…probably
ok sooo stats
Intrinsic:This Weapon Grants Super Energy And Increases Super Damage With Each Kill. (Stacks 10 Times.)
Barrel:Polygonal Rifling(+10 Stability)
Sight:Fastdraw IS (+5 Range, +10 Handling)
Mag:High Caliber Rounds (+5 Range)
Trait:(Custom Trait)Overshot:This Weapon Keeps Ammo Returning Into The Mag Until You Get A Kill.
Weapon Typing:Energy/Arc
Mag Size:32
Reload Time:2 Seconds
Catalyst:+5 Range +5 Stability +5 Handling
Name:The Light Bearer
Description:The Light Is A Powerful Tool,Anything Can Harness It… Even Your Bullets… -The First Light Bearer
Lore:I Was Running A Mission On Titan Before The Days When The Hive Took Over, Me And My Ghost Got A Report Of A Fallen Crew Camping At The Station Taking Parts, So Of Course I Had To Check It Out But Before i Could Reach It…I Saw A Flash Of Light And I Couldn’t See…When I Regained My Sight My Gun Was Changed, And It Was For The Better…


We have a specific, dedicated chat for community creations.
I like the idea, but I think it’d be better if you were able to contribute to the chat for such things, that way you don’t get in trouble for too many community creations y’know? :smile:
I’ll go ahead and see if I can invite you/add you to the chat, that way you can put your ideas in there.

Sounds fun, but how much super energy + super damage, and umm… why are you capitalizing every single word?

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  1. it gives 6% each kill and increases 5% damage and 2. idk

Quick question, why is each individual word capitalized in the lore…? And weapon description? And stats? Is that just a design choice or something? Sorry, I’m a bit of a grammar nazi, so these things get on my nerves a tad bit but I was just pointing that out if it wasn’t and was overlooked (please don’t feel bad it’ll make me feel bad…)

Yeah, excessive capitalization looks very annoying.