A daft question on the Iron Lords

I’m not really a lore buff because I have 0 attention span for reading really. So I thought I’d ask much smarter people than myself.

Is SIVA really all there is to the story of the Iron Lords?

When Rise of Iron was released, I was looking forward to finding out the back story to the Iron Lords, I coveted the Ghelon’s Demise, Efrideets Spear and Jolders Hammer for months. The best PVE weapons at the time really.

But after completing the ROI story I felt a little confused, I felt I never learned much about where the Iron Lords came from but all that we know, similar to Eris Morn’s fireteam, they went down into a pit and got demolished.

So, for years we’ve played, or trained in the Iron Banner, and for what? To fight SIVA? I was kinda underwhelmed really.

The Taken King was this huge journey all the way from the Cosmodrome, to Saturn. You had to sneak into a dreadnaught, filled with everything dedicated to killing you. You took down an entire Stronghold, it wasn’t easy, it was a long hard journey.

I figured maybe the ROI was going to be somewhat the same but, no?

So I wonder, what else was there to the Iron Lords that Destiny has left out?

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Well yeah Rise of Iron was actually just about the fall of the Iron Lords & not really about their rise. the only thing that makes them special besides their encounter with SIVA would be the fact that they were actually the first “guardians” who didn’t abuse their power in order to govern a territory & make humans do what they like. Before the City was founded there was an age of “Warlords”, like I said, guardians who took over certain territories & their inhabitants & abused their power to make themselves appear superior. The Iron Lords were against this behaviour so they fought the other Warlords.

Felwinter & Timur seem to have each of their own twisted past which has yet to be revealed but beside that it’s only up to the future what the purpose of Efrideet will be for the story. She got her own cutscene after all & she mumbles about a place of pacifists where Guardians apparently use their light in a “peaceful way”, instead for fighting purpose.

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It’s about the Rise of the new Iron Lords, i.e. our Guardian. But yeah, nothing else apart from that and what @DancingViru said.

Ah ok so Destiny concentrated on their, Eris Morn fireteam syndrome.
Good to know :slight_smile:

Will Efrideet make a comeback in the future of Destiny somewhere? or is she just another Sweeper Bot lost to the realm of NPC :rolling_eyes:

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Like others said this was a small portion of the Iron Lord tales. The grimoire cards of the Iron Lords tell more to the story. SIVA was just the end of their story and the beginning of ours. There is so much more to them though. They fought the warlords, took control of the territories. They helped build the last city and Defend it, They did so much and we don’t even know a fraction of it.