A Destiny without the Traveler

So I have been thinking about what would happen if the Traveler never came to us. And I think I am pretty accurate on my ideas.

First off, there are two major differences. 1. The Hive would never have come because they were chasing the Traveler. 2. The Fallen would never have come as they were also chasing the Traveler (but in this AU it may have never came to them so… =/). The Vex and Cabal just naturally came to this system (though the Cabal for… Relic Iron I believe? Well they’re still gonna come). Thus they would come around whether the Traveler was around or not.

How I believe these events would play out is as follows. Due to the few hundred years that we had to advancd before the “Collapse” and arrival of the Darkness, we would still have plenty of time to make advances in our technology. Likely occupying Mars or at least colonizing it. We may even get to Venus but that is a tad bit of a stretch.

The Vex would easily slip into the solar system and mechanize Mecury, possibly even Venus. Soon enough the Cabal would arrive, given that this was simply a mining expidition, it is here where we reach a split, either through diplomatic action we make peace with them, or we get absolutely merked and then we’re basically screwed as the Earth and Moon are our only other possible safe houses, and with the Vex coming from one side and the Cabal from the other? It seems is will be our end.

Without the help of the Cabal it is likely that Earth will be occupied by them as well as the moon, but with the Vex also approaching Earth will likely end up looking half machine and half war empire. However, on the other hand… we have the Cabal making peace with us.

This would likely be our saving grace when fighting the Vex. With the help of the Cabal it is likely we can completely beat out the Vex and live in relative peace as long as they choose not to make us their next meal for their empire.

My version is quite the optomistic one, the rest I leave up to you, dear readers. What do you think? Would it play out as I think it would? Or would it be different? Feel free to comment your thoughts below!

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Well, I think that the Vex colonized mercury because the Traveler was there. So I don’t think even they would be here. (As in Simulant Past, the Traveler is in the Background.)
And currently, we know mercury to be desolate and not vex-y. So I think it’d just be the Cabal. Also, without the Traveler, the “Collapse” wouldn’t have happened because the Collapse was an extinction level event that followed the Traveller wherever it went. (Eliksni = The Whirlwind.)

I know I was saying it didn’t… I was using it as a land mark in the time line -_-

I don’t see what you mean by,

“I know I was saying it didn’t…”

Or what you mean by using it as a “Landmark in the timeline”. I was simply putting out that there were a few details that I noticed. You asked for my thoughts, so I was just giving them. Which is why I said that the only real aliens to stop by would have been the Cabal.

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Okay, I have my idea and you yours.

Maybe the vex and cabal join forces and humanity gets merked?

Doubtful, they don’t ally in game so I’d doubt it.

Or vex and cabal at war and they kill humanity accidentally

Yeah. They’d be killing each other and us.

pretty sure we would just get clapped by the Cabal and that’s that

Interesting brainfood you got there.
I can’t remember exactly when the Cabal first made contact with Guardians but I think they meet a Warlock and Hunter who allied up in a time when that was unusual.

As the best theory about the Cabal beeing in our Solar System for mining Relic Iron, I do not think we would have advanced that far on the technology front to even think about colonozing Mars.
As the Cabal was present in our Solar System without our notice on beforehand, I doubt they wanted to make contact with us as they had found what they where looking for. It could be that they would just keep it to mining Relic Iron and then leave the system.

If they had reached out to us they would most likely want to trade with us if we had anything of value to them.

If humans had decleared War against the Cabal Empire, then the leviathan would had been gnawing on our planet instead, challenging us to either defeat the Raid OR come up with something valuable enough to be considered a race worth saving like the Psions and the Oxa Machine.

But thats just my 5c on the topic.

I agree sorta, but I’m pretty sure the Cabal are not friendly with other civilizations. Just look at the Psions, they are a completely different race that was enslaved by the Cabal. Obviously all of this is conjecture because without the Traveler there is no Destiny. There is a possibility they would wipe us out and just strip mine the whole Sol system.

At best, probably the most intelligent humans would probably be taken by the Cabal, not unlike the Psion species, but as I understand it, we would probably be wiped out for a smooth mining operation.

Even then, I don’t think they would be running away from whatever they are, because [incoming theory], I think the Cabal are running from the Darkness itself [Possibly the pyramid ships? I’m not sure] and with the teachings of Ulan-Tan, it’s very arguable that without the Traveler, and therefore Light, there is no Darkness.

Also, because there’s no Traveler, there is no finding of the Sword Logic for the Hive to follow, there is no eventual Oryx, and therefore Crota, so there is no tear in reality for the Vex to stumble through.

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I was more so thinking along the lines of “what if the Traveler never came to us?” But I do believe you are right, if the Traveler we never to exist, I believe that there would be no Sword Logic, Hive, or anything really. I just thought about what if would be like and wanted to share my thoughts.

If the Traveler never came to us, we’d get crushed by the Cabal, the Hive, or both.

Well, the Hive wouldn’t exactly be here, so that’d be the Cabal, imo.

Well, the Hive would likely have never come, as with the Fallen, given they were chasing the Traveler, but it’s up to you how you interpret my brain food!