A discussion about SoO Lore. (VERY LONG)

Warning, very long. Approximately 1742 words.

Now that Season of Opulence has been released, we have two new lore books. One of them called “The Chronicon”, is probably the most important piece of text that Bungie has ever released. It gives us a vast description of Calus’ history and future, which is connected very closely to ours.

It starts with the first book I. I am assuming that the titles of the books are Roman Numerals.
Stating that:
“The following pages are a true and authentic publication of the incredible deeds and remarkable discoveries of the Emperor Calus, greatest emperor of the Cabal, witnessed by his most loyal allies and recorded by his most trusted scribes.”, the book gives us a clear message that this book is true, or at least they want us to think that. It talks about how Calus started the Chronicon, after he was betrayed by his allies. Calus was originally going to be killed, but from popular choice, he was exiled instead, in a prison barge called the Leviathan. Unrelated, but this pretty much proves that there is no relation between the Leviathan in the Books of Sorrow and this Leviathan. He was sent on a unchangeable course away from the Cabal home planet, Torobatl. Calus makes a speech, and leaves, taking his advisors and scribes, which are the narrators of these books.

The second book, is called DLXXVIII. This is 578 in Decimal, so it is probably a long time after the first, although it does say many days after launching, which could mean that Calus is using a different form of Roman Numerals, or another system altogether, however, in It Stared Back, Calus says that it was years, or millenia, since they had departed and until they reached the wall of infinite black. However long it had been, something happened. I’ll let the book describe it.
“It was as if the ship had been plucked from the cosmos like a berry by some gargantuan hand, rolled between forefinger and thumb, squeezed and tested for ripeness, and then, having been found satisfactory, slung backward in an unknowable direction toward an unknowable maw.”

Something had been done to the ship, and then it was thrown in a direction unknown to the passengers. Soon after, I’m assuming it stopped, as Calus got out of the ship in a pressure-gel suit, to “see the destination of my banishment in private." Twelve hours later, Calus returns.

He returns in book DLXXIX, 579. The part that happens here as been talked about in other sources, such as the Leviathan raid weapons. The scribe describes what Calus said here:
“Outside the ship, the Emperor looked over the edge of the universe, and saw nothing. That is, it wasn’t that he saw nothing unusual, but he saw Nothing: the absence of light, dark, life, death, the absence of anything, even of absence itself. And out of the Nothing, there came whispering in a dark language, which filled his head so loud that he forgot for a moment his own language, and suddenly the Nothingness dispersed to show Something, which was a fleet of foreign ships. He saw next the destruction of a great many worlds and creatures, including all his enemies, and himself, and he saw the rot and fragmentation of his own corpse and skeleton. And last, before he was released, the whispers grew louder and granted him the honor of spreading the news of the end.”
This is clearly the tetrahedron ships from the end of Destiny 2’s campaign. Another
quote is “Death is coming, and It has made me Its herald. The end will eat everything.", so clearly describing a cataclysmic event in the future involving the tetrahedrons.

Not much happens in DCII, 602, except a small description of his Shadows.

In DCV, 605, Calus talks about a failed assassination attempt on Ghaul, and how he had “spoiled the whole batch [of Shadows]”

It starts to really get interesting in DCCII, 702. Calus starts by meditating on the failure of his Shadows, until a messenger tells him of the Guardian killing Ghaul in the Sol System. What might have been a boring bossfight for us was a huge event for Calus, because he immediately started making plans to go meet the Guardian. He also tells his advisors to build robotic clones of himself, which are the original Leviathan raid boss.

In DCCLXXXIX, 789, Calus writes the Guardian a love letter. It is unsent however, because he was probably too embarrassed to send it to the Guardian. Here is the link because it is quite long:

In DCCCVII, 807, we start to step into the future. This future was shown to Calus at the edge of the universe, by the tetrahedron ships perhaps.This could be near or far, we don’t know. The Hero of the Guardians becomes a Shadow, and they have a huge banquet. Calus speaks to the Guardian, saying: “You represent the dawning of a new era. The last era before the end. I will have you at my side as this petty world meets Death.”

MCXII, 1108, starts with Calus asking the Guardian, the Shadow of Shadows, to find an army of Shadows. THe Guardian looks throughout the Fallen race, picking Mithrax to become a Shadow who, partnered with the Guardian, killed all of the other Fallen, a surprising twist from seemingly peace loving Mithrax. The Guardian offers Shadowship (?) to the Queen Mara Sov, who had appeared with the title Shipbreaker. This might mean something but I don’t know much about Mara’s lore. She, however, rejected the Guardians offer, so she was murdered by the Guardian in that moment, on her throne. Petra Venj joined the Shadows though, and then Petra and the Guardian exterminate the other Awoken, very very surprising considering Petra’s loyalty to her race. Calus welcomes them as Shadows.

MCXVII, 1118, hasn’t got much, other than a description of the Shadows breaking into the Inner Sanctum, revealing hundreds of years of lost knowledge, as well as the Aphelion, being spoken about in Dreaming City lore, who are the most powerful being ever, having the power to destroy entire planets in the blink of an eye. Mithrax was killed in a battle outside the Sanctum. He didn’t last long.

This next page, MCXX, 1120, however, is the most pivotal point in the entire book. Rasputin and the Vanguard respond to the growing strength of Calus and the Shadows, and contacts Calus to remove his forces from the planets and moons, or they would respond with deadly force. Calus didn’t want to, because he didn’t fear the Vanguard and Rasputin, but he allowed the Guardian to have a meeting with them. The Guardian spoke well of Calus, but the Vanguard decided to start a war. The Guardian reacts pretty interestingly, with:
“Who do you think I am? Without me, you have only a dwindling army of ambivalent soldiers. I am the Young Wolf. I killed the Taken King. I defeated Ghaul, I roused the Traveler, I silenced the Moon, I stopped the invasion, I broke the curse, I broke the Houses, I killed the queen! I am the Shadow of Earth!”
I really love this quote because A) We are finally saying something, and standing up for ourselves, and B) We finally get recognition of what we’ve done. BUT THE MOST IMPORTANT PART IS: “I broke the curse.” At some point, we do indeed break the curse on the Dreaming City. It will happen! One other notable thing is “I stopped the invasion.” I don’t know if this is referring to something that has already happened, or will happen. Either way, this is pretty important.
The Guardian then attacks Hellas Basin and Rasputin, “ that left the War Machine in cinders. The Vanguard surrender and beg for mercy, but the Guardian denies their pleas.

A lot of you are going to be disappointed in this next chapter, because it reduces all of the hyping up thats been happening to zero. In chapter 1125, Savathûn enters, in the most boring way possible. In the inner parts of the ship, a Hive rift was opened and out came Savathûn and her horde. Another very important thing to not here is this quote by Calus:
“But the great Emperor Calus had seen Death at the edge of the universe and was not afraid, for this witch and her spawn were not Death.” Savathûn is NOT related to the tetrahedron ships. Then the Guardian just kills her. Calus sends them, and they SINGLEHANDEDLY kill every single one of her hive, and as she slipped back through the portal to her Throne World, the Guardian follows her in and kills her, as her final death. A very boring ending to her very long story.

Chapter MCXXXV, 1135, doesn’t have much going on. A monument is built to Calus where Rasputin was, and they eat a lot.

POTENTIALLY THE MOST IMPORTANT CHAPTER OF THE BOOK, MCXLII, 1142, describes the end of everything. This occurs 118 years after the Shadows conquer the Sol system. This is also quite long, and I don’t want to just repeat the text, so you can find it here:
https://www.ishtar-collective.net/entries/mcxlii#book-the-chronicon. Sorry I’m so lazy.

The lore book ends with chapter MCVLIII, 1198 another love letter from Calus to the Guardian, saying about how we were the last by his side, and how much he cherished his time with us. I don’t know how Calus survived longer than the Guardian did if we were so close together. Anyway, that rounds up the greatest lore book of all time.

There are some very important questions to think about.
-Is this true?
-Why did the tetrahedron ships show Calus this?
-Why did Calus survive?
-Why did Mithrax and Petra have such huge personality and ethics changes?
-Is this going to happen in the game?
-Are there alternate meanings to this?
For example, perhaps the part of the chapter MCXLII, where a great darkness was everywhere means the end of Destiny as a game.

There are is so much potential for this, and the writers of it have a nice back door if these predictions don’t come true, because they could say that the tetrahedron ships were lying.

I just vomited this out over the course of a few hours, so sorry if there is bad spelling or grammer.

Also apologies if I have missed anything or gotten anything wrong.


Apparently the Shadow of Earth, the Guardian killed a whole bunch of other people as well. I’ll just list off the names:




-Uldren (so many times)


-Dredgen Hope (The Drifter)

-Failsafe (Then put her into an Exo body, which killed itself)





Source: The Opulence Armor

EDIT 3: Sorry, but it seems like we were misled. There is evidence pointing towards not Calus writing this, but his Psions, who just wanted to make him happy (or they would be killed probably). So take this all with a grain of salt.

It is still very interesting fanfiction though.

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About this:

This kinda seems like in chronological order no? I don’t know about D1, but in D2, we killed ghaul. In Forsaken, we roused the traveler. There was a leak recently that the next DLC is SPOILER WARNING YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED THERE ARE SPOILERS AFTER THIS SENTENCE AND I WILL SAY IT WHEN IM DONE SAYING SPOILERS. is called ShadowKeep and is on the moon. Guess what is next on that list? You guessed it, silencing the moon. Hmmmmmm. According to more leaks, D3, is about the coming of the pyramid ships, about them invading us. HMMMMMMMM. END SPOILERS. Based on these, would I be right to predict that the first fall expansion of d3 (if they even have fall expansions, or that d3 is a thing.), that we will break the curse? What do y’all think? Do you agree? Also the Nothing, I believe that is the Darkness, or the Nine, seducing Calus with promises of survival and power. Now I’m off to read up on all the new lore that was added because I haven’t done that yet. If I got any lore wrong, please tell me so I can fix it.

Edit: I got one thing to add, from

That Gahlran, if I remember correctly, is a boss of the Menagerie that we will get in the future. How I know this? I got a glitch when I launched my name that said that I had successfully killed Gahlran, (some title I don’t remember), in the Menagerie.

Edit #2: Gahlran could also be the name of the shadow that fell to the power of the hive artifact; also known as SPOILERS ABOUT THE NEW RAID the (I would assume) final boss. I do know you kill/ defeat him/her though.


The scribe mentions the Aphelion according to leaks, that is the name of the new enemy race coming in D3. This race is the closest thing to an embodiment of darkness, and according to the leaks, looks greenish and smells of Earth. I don’t know if that has anyspecific meaning, but the fact that Calus make us use them makes me think :thinking:.

Edit#4: I making a lot of these edits as I read the new lore…
According to the footnote of

It may seem that the “histories” and “futures” may be fake, or imaginary.

Edit #5: Hey @ThunderBolt0091 Would you mind if you or me change the title to something like " A discussion about the new lore in SoO" ?

Edit#6: About one of my previous edit, #4. For the spoilers part, I didn’t remember correctly. Spoilers follow The name of the leaked race that embodied darkness was the veil, not the aphelions. Sorry for the mistake :sweat_smile:

Edit #7:Nver mind to anyone who might have read this edit before I changed, it. I didn’t see there were other pages.

Edit #8: This quote from Shadow’s Vest, basically proves that what Calus talked to/what talked to him/showed him visions was the Darkness:

Stick to the Light, little Light. It’s what you’re good at.
True darkness lies at the black edge. Where I was reborn.
It’s coming.

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SoO Lore in a nutshell: Fan Fiction

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His Historians are just making predictions.(tho very far fetched and stretched in our minds, Calus sees it perfectly fine [for the most part] because he has a Cabal mind [tho not exactly as well]. Btw Calus does meet his end, it’s just that his wish is to become “Last” before facing the Night.

I don’t belive it’s his historians making this. I believe that is what the Darkness told Calus, and they are recording that. Calus seems almost certain that is going to happen.

That could be the case but other historians contradict each other on how things are going to go. That is why there are notes at the bottom of the lore sometimes.

most of the notes at the bottom of the lore are things such as “elaborate on the amount of courses given to the shadows” or things like that. If there was one I missed, would you mind sharing which footnote had it that historians contradicted each other?

Opulent Duelist’s Gauntlets lore really exemplifies this. And some of the armor lore

Yes but that isn’t the histories themselves, or at least not the official records presented in . Also when you say " some of the armor lore" that is VERY vague. There were three new sets of armor added this season x3 classes x5 pieces per set makes 45 pieces of armor to look through. Of course I’ll read them all, but for your second examples please try to be more specific.

I’m assuming you mean Opulent Duelist’s Greaves? AFAIK there isn’t an Opulent Duelist’s Gauntlets, at least not in the Ishtar database.

Correct me if I’m wrong.

There are Opulent Duelist gauntlets

The Opulent Scholar Bond And Gloves are which I am talking about.

Okay. I’m reading all the sets now. While reading though, I found out that Calus might not be Cabal:

He chuckled, suddenly. “I leave the system for a couple hundred years and everything goes to hell.”
He shook his head. “Look at you. The Cabal Emperor isn’t even Cabal anymore. Right?”

This is from https://www.ishtar-collective.net/entries/shadows-cloak-2 and it is the Drifter saying this because as far as we know, he is the only one that uses a Jade coin.(this is mentioned earlier in the entry)

Edit #1: More proof that what Calus saw and talked to was the Darkness:

Because I believed I could control the Hive through a Shadow surrogate. The Hive are not true darkness, not what I saw at the black edge. But they would provide an army just the same.

from https://www.ishtar-collective.net/entries/shadows-gauntlets

Edit #2: From one of my previous posts about Crown of Sorrow (SPOILERS FOLLOW), I said that Gahlran was the final boss of Crown of Sorrow. This has been confirmed now, from watching
the raid.

Edit #3: After reading the entry for Shadow Gloves (https://www.ishtar-collective.net/entries/shadows-gloves) it seems that we (guardians) could possibly control the Hive…

Edit #4: I’ve found something that basically confirms that all of the lore for the armor and other lore is made up and fake, from https://www.ishtar-collective.net/entries/opulent-stalker-cloak :

^ Note to Underscribe Shipal: Very good. This is entirely credible.

This is a footnote from that entry. As I said, it basically confirms that all of the entries are fake “histories”

I missed that. Good find

In Callus vision´s of future.(Chronicon) The Shadow of earth destroy all resistence: Rasputin, Vanguard, Awoken, Hive, Fallen. I don´t see anything about vex. I miss something?

Hmmmmmm. That’s true… Also at one point one of Calus’ advisors says he never was Cabal in the first place… and he has robots that pretend to be him… puts on spinfoil hat Calus is a vex confirmed. Come to think of it, Calus’ behavior is very Vex like; he is obsessed with the future and likes robots (xD)

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I find something in opulent stalker vest lore. He defeat all vex with a paradox :upside_down_face:

Oh right. Oops I forgot too :upside_down_face:

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