A Exotic bow made by a Nightstalker: Lonesome

This one will be a Hunter exclusive for the void class. It glows an eerie purple with void energy looping around it and when the arrow is drawn back it seems like a hand made of void grabs on to the arrow with you and helps you pull. The hand travels with the arrow as it flies.
The bow itself is nothing special, it’s an old bow, wooden not a compound bow, held together by rope and duct tape but some of it is held together by pure void light.
A lone hunter probably had this bow for hundreds of years…all alone except the void.
now for the effects
I don’t know the name of the ability but its for warlocks and it takes some of your super and puts it into a grenade.
The perks are called:
Helping hand: when you fire an arrow; upon a hit it releases a void hand that grabs onto the target and slows them
Assistance: you can then add on to the strength of the hand by putting super energy into the arrow the more energy the slower they get
Sneak bow
Rapid hit

70 impact
90 accuracy
86 stability
82 handling
80 reload speed
Draw time 680
Inventory 55

Seems like a decent bow, I’m just not a fan of Sneak Bow as a perk because you need to crouch for it to prock so i would personally replace it with Natural Fiber to slightly reduce draw time, but that’s just me

I would choose other bow perks but I don’t know what they do or what they are called. Sneak bow just felt right for this one.

Can we use this bow for custom characters?

what? i don’t really understand

If we create our own characters are people allowed to use this bow as apart of their armory?

i don’t see why not, you can use if you want to