A Exotic bow made by the Stormcallers: Straight Shot

This one will be a Warlock exclusive, it works with the arc class.
The bow looks like glass with a constant stream of electricity running through it with some wiring going up and down, the part of the bow that you dock the arrow with has an electromagnetic rail
that the arrow sits on top of. The arrow itself looks like it’s made of pure arc energy in the form of an arrow. the sights for this weapon looks like a D.A.R.C.I. look alike.
Now the perks
Terrifyingly Accurate: this weapon has no gravity associated with regular arrows, thus no arc to the shot. The longer you hold back the shot the faster it goes.
Straight Shot: This bow takes special ammunition. When you hit a target it goes straight through to the other side, this weapon can one shot headshot, you can fuse multiple arrows in to a strong arrow that penetrates wall(requires 6)
High Tension String
Explosive Head

85 impact
100 accuracy
90 stability
70 handling
73 reload speed
Draw time 825 ( your welcome Aetheon)
Inventory 25
In crucible you only spawn with 1 arrow


… good work on the draw time, otherwise I might be just a bit triggered, ether way I suggest a 900 drawtime or 1000 , this is a oneshot after all

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that works better since the longer you pull back the faster the shot I also added a bit to the end there so it isn’t over-op

So essentially its a sniper bow

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yes it is, but its more of a “linear fusion bow” if that makes sense just alot more charge time

and that ends my series of special class specific bows hope you all liked it.
I might do more stuff like this but not bows

maybe armor pieces next?

yeah sure i love making cool exotics

i just wish Bungie would look at the fan made Ishtar exotics and make them especially my old Prosthetic exotic i made a while ago

Yeah, or just, fan made exotics period. That’d be cool.

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just added a new bit to the bow

Don’t forget though Aethe. We don’t want it so much that it, effectively, just kinda gets beat by Linear Fusions.