A few Books of Sorrow Questions

“Taox would have us believe that our ancestors came to the Fundament to hide from the hungry void.”
-Verse 1:4 — Syzygy

Could this 'hungry void" be connected to the entity that Calus found at the edge of everything?

“And the Leviathan loomed over them, its brow as huge all the continents of their childhood, its great array-fins crackling with the lightning of its life.”
-Verse 1:8 — Leviathan

Is this Levaithan in any way related to Calus’s Leviathan? Are they the same species?

“Now arrives Xivu Arath, at the head of her armada. She fights the Harmony for fifty years with strategies and discipline. But the Harmony turn to dragon-wishes, and their wishful bishops wrestle Xivu in the ascendant plane.”
-Verse 5:4 — The Gift Mast

Are the “Dragons wishes” related to the the Ahamkara?

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Well, Calus’ Leviathan ship is inspired by a land whale native to the Cabal home planet that eats everything it finds in this path. It doesn’t have anything to do with Leviathan from the BoS, which was aquatic. It is very weird they decided to use the name for something twice, though.


Given the prevalence of the term ‘the void’ elsewhere in the Books as a general term, as well as in places like Ghost Fragment: Fallen 4, probably not. Calus seems to recall a ‘wall of perfect void’:

The Leviathan came to a halt before a wall of infinite void. It could go no further, as the navigation system had suffered a cataclysmic failure. The course that the conspirators had set crossed a space that simply didn’t exist.

From the seat of my observation chamber, I stared into the perfect void.

This is opposed to just a ‘void’ as a concept, which Taox seems to be referring to. Taox’s also trying to convince the sisters that the proto-Hive are “The natural prey of the universe,” which Aurash discovers to be untrue at the beginning of the Books of Sorrow, so some descriptive language to drive the point home isn’t unheard of.

Calus’ Leviathan was seemingly inspired by land-whales native to the Cabal homeworld:

I thought it would be cool if Emperor Calus was inspired to make the Leviathan from a creature native to his home planet, a huge land whale that would slide across the plains and devour anything in its path.

However, in Curse of Osiris, a bit of a 180 was pulled. As Calus himself says:

This Leviathan. This prison ship. I will remake it, as I have been remade. No longer will it represent a mythical beast from the dreams of worms. It will serve as an icon for my newfound gluttony.

The ship isn’t the “same species” as the Leviathan, given that the ship isn’t really ‘alive,’ but it was- at least originally- inspired by it, hence the similarity in the names.

It’s commonly assumed that the wish-dragons are/are very closely related to the Ahamkara, yes. This comes from the wish-dragons’ proximity to the Traveler during the war with the Harmony, as well as their ability to, well, grant wishes. There’s also the fact that the exotic perk of the Young Ahamkara’s Spine in Destiny 2 is called “Wish-Dragon Teeth.”


Thanks for answering my questions!


Yes, I would seriously belive so.
They “wrestle[d] Xivu in the ASCENDANT plane”, I think that requires a certain degree of power.

the original leviathan is also a machine if you read the description of it.