A Grimoire Book

Since Rise of Iron, I have been working on turning the grimoire into books, based on year.
A while ago, I finished Year One and Year Two, with Year Three soon afterwards.
I have recently restarted work on Year Four. The style will be different, since there are no grimoire cards in Destiny 2. Instead the cards will be redesigned to match D2’s new graphics and style. As well as each weapon, armor, and inventory item that has a lore tab. This will take much longer, and it won’t be finished until Year Four is over.

In the mean time, here are links to the first three years of grimoire:

Year One:

Year Two:

Year Three:


Thanks for the help, but I’ve already finished most of them. I put some up on the discord to show everyone.

Brilliant Vulshok! I had no idea how much you’ve done!:sunglasses::wink::+1:

I do need help with writing though. Like the new Guardians abilities don’t have cards. There is a lot of writing needed to be done.

Do you mean making up cards? I’d love to help but you should know that i don’t have and can’t get Destiny 2