A Happy Thanksgiving!

Ember-3 here to just wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! And if you would like, why not post some things you are thankful for below?
I’m thankful for the amount of other Lore enthusiasts out there that I can be with to talk about lore, without being looked at like I am a lunatic! That and the wonderful world Bungie has given us, even if it needs some working on!


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I’m thankful for an extreamly friendly and supportive community! Also, happy Thanksgiving!:turkey:

I’m thankful for posts and forums like these where we can all come together as guardians.

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Have you joined the Discord server yet? Most of us are more active there, and you’ll be bombarded with welcomes.

Ya, I’m in there, just as Wisk. That’s my Xbox gamertag.

There’s a discord for this?