A Hunter Meets a kinder-Guardian

If he looked at the big picture, Cayde couldn’t fault his fellow Exo for the freakout. Newly First-Resurrected for a month, spent said month fighting his way down the eastern coast of the United States from just outside the Manhattan Nuclear Zone towards the City-beacon. Fallen had caught up to both the Exo and his Ghost, and they would have been dead had it not been for the picture-perfect arrival of a City fireteam. Last thing the new…ish Exo had seen before getting knocked offline had been the Fallen surrounding him and his Ghost. So in that regard…waking up in a strange room, with no Ghost about… Cayde would have started attacking people too.


“No. Bad!” To emphasize his point, Cayde tapped the Exo on the head with the Ace of Spades with every word he said.

“Bad kinderGuardian! No! We do not start the violence this early!” He scolded. “I’m all for kicking a little ass, taking names, but no! Not in the infirmary!” He was sitting on the Exo’s chest, the other android sprawled out on the floor from where Cayde had chokeslammed him down.

“The violence stays outside!” Violet optics stared up at him. “Though I must say, damn! I highly approve of your moves! Now you probably set yourself back a bit with this stunt, but I’ll speak with Zavala and Ikora. We need to get you out in the wild–”

“Maatthyyeeee!” A Ghost barreled over. “Mathye! I’m sorry! They wanted to give me a new shell, I should have waited–” It dropped down to nuzzle the new Exo on a cheek, and Cayde watched as relief flashed over the android’s features.

“See? Your little lady’s safe and sound.” Judging that there would be no more mayhem, Cayde rose. The other Exo pushed himself up, Ghost resting on his head.

“I…I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be. This sort of thing is normal.” Cayde waved a hand. “Now why don’t you just mosey back on over to that table, sit down, and let the good docs finish checking you out. And just to keep the peace, they’ll show you how to change your Ghost’s shell.” He sauntered over to another diagnostic bed. “I’ll just stay in here for a bit. Just in case of chaos.” As the new Hunter slowly rose, Cayde spun about to face the two-way glass installed on the opposite wall. A maniacal grin crossed his face, and he held up both hands in a thumbs up.

Even from where he was standing, he could feel Zavala’s disapproval.


This? I really like this. Like, really really like this. I wish we saw more things like this in game and just generally had more Cayde… RIP 2014-2018

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I’m with Jubi on this one. Especially the ending…

That sounds so much like the Cayde we knew and loved that it hurt. Great job there my friend. It made me smile.

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Thank you! I’ve been scribbling out fanfic for a while. Saw this site from a friend and thought I’d join.