A Mystery of Destiny

Fireteam Tuyet is a mystery that not a whole lot of us really look into and not a whole lot is known. All that is really known is that they got too close to the Vex and all that is left “were some dead Ghosts, a pile of inscrutable Vex tech, and plans for what City Warlocks turned into the Pocket Infinity. Oh, and Banshee’s custom-designed Sidearm, broken in half.” Tuyet was a Warlock and she was a leading weapons designer. She even meddled with an Ahamkara so it can turn into a big Vex machine so she can get a good look at a Vex’s inner working. The latest pieces of information come from the Mimetic Savior armor set and even that is all scrambled. I would recommend you to take a look at all 5 armor pieces and I would also like your theories.

Could you link this lore please?

It’s not exactly lore. It is more like descriptions.

Could you link them anyways please?

It’s in a couple of different spots.
Here is the link regarding the dead Ghosts, and Pocket Infinity.

This simply states the fireteam was lost on Venus

Also, this is where you can read about the Mimetic Savior armor set.

However, I didn’t see anything relating them to the Ahamkara.

Okay thank you! There isn’t much information other than that they got trapped and killed by the vex in a chasm. What are you @Apollo1 trying to figure out?

Her Fireteam did not meddle with an Ahamkara. However in the lore tab of the “Apex Predator” it describes this transaction.

I am trying to figure out what they did in that “chasm” and what has become of them.

Probably captured into simulation to be researched or annihilated to radiolarias

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