A while ago, I made a (bad) post wondering if the Drifter was Dredgen Yor

Well, the vidoc says I was somehow right

Edit: oh I’m stupid, at least I got the ‘Dredgen’ part right

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Well, if you’re referring to the Emissary’s use of the title “Dredgen” to refer to him, it’s not exactly conclusive. Many Shadows of Yor used the title in emulation; Dredgen Vale and Dredgen Bane being two examples, noted in several Ghost Fragments including The Cauldron and Last Word 5.

It’s more a confirmation that Drifter was a Shadow (alluded to by his anecdotes in the Lore cards, specifically the Ancient Apocalypse gear cards. He mentions Thorn by name as “a weapon out of legend” and his crew was interested in the Anti-Light World they discovered specifically because it’s aura seemed to be similar to Thorn’s properties. The Shadows are the most likely group to be interested in such things, I’d say.)

So it’s definitely a rock-solid development of our understanding of the Drifter’s past but it’s still not affirming the notion that Yor survived or somehow returned from his encounter with Shin and has re-emerged under an alias.

Unless you’re referring to some other piece of evidence?


One of the writers has confirmed that Dredgen Yor is dead.


It’s a shame though… what a plot point that’d be. But he is definitely toying with the Darkness so I wonder what he’s up to…

Probably Dredgen Vale, partly because he made Malfeasance to copy Thorn and there is a Crucibe Map called Endless Vale, endless is synonymous with Dredgen

Yeah but this is the Drifter not about a mysterious figure on Endless Vale. But if the Drifter is closely associated with Endless Vale then you might be onto something…

Yea i think that the map is just a clue to get us on the right train of thought. Other than this not much is known about Dredgen Vale other that he tried to reacreate Thorn. Hence maybe Malfeasance

Hm… interesting…

Recently, some new lore about Shin Malphur was added.

So know we know that Shin was Dredgen Vale, so Malfeasance was his creation? But then why would the drifter be the one we give the parts to and the person who gives us Malfeasance itself? Could someone explain this please? This reinforces the idea that The drifter is in contact with the Shadows, if not one himself.
Also this is my first lore post, so I probably will have some formatting that’s wrong.

I just find proof that The drifter is one of the Shadows.

The Drifter is Dredgen Hope.
Edit: We also know the Drifters name is Eli.

That is only possibly his name. If you read the lore book “The Man With No Name,” he goes by many names, but never chose one for himself when he was revived.

I found a lore entry in the Encidys on the emissary of the nine and it said that the Drifter’s dredgen name was Dredgen Hope

The drifter’s Dredgen name stated in the lore book the man with no name is Dredgen hope, according to the lore book for every rose a thorn, specifically in the lore entry of it revelations and invitations Shin Malphur himself says that he is Dredgen vale