Abilities from Ahamkara

Ok, so here it goes. We know that the Worm Gods and Ahamkara, among other things, share the trait of instilling a “hunger” of sorts. The WG put a hunger into the Hive (specifically the Siblings) to continue to feed their worms, and if they didn’t satisfy it’s hunger…well it meant bad things for the Siblings. Ahamkara are also seen with that nature, “Reality is the finest flesh, oh bearer mine. And are you not…hungry?” “YOU WILL DREAM OF TEETH AND NOTHING ELSE”
“Give me your arm, oh bearer mine. Let me help you fill the world with teeth.” A lot of references to teeth and hunger. In addition, we have Bad Juju (which has an Ahamkara skull) having a hunger. While doing some research on the Void (not void) I noticed something else. When it comes to hunger, the Void also seems to shares this trait. In “Rite of Cleansing” quest, Dredgen Vale says, “There will be suffering, but know that you do this for a just cause. If the Darkness is to be defeated, it must be understood. The Void will siphon that which the weapon needs. And the weapon will feast.” The Void seems to have a hunger/thirst of it’s own. Flavor text from The Swarm says, “Hunger is the all of it, and it is all of hunger.” What tied it all together for me was re-reading “Ghost Fragment: Legends 3” grimoire, and it reads “Power had been obtained from the bargains, and the City needed power.” When I think of powers gained by Guardians, or Risen, I think of their abilities. In AoT we got the Knuckles of Eao, which says “Boons I grant you, oh bearer mine, but debts must be paid in time.” A boon is a favor or request granted, something beneficial given.

I know its all a bit jumbled right now ha - and there is definitely a lot of debate and nothing concrete, but for whatever reason, this idea lightbulb went off a couple weeks ago and now I can’t think of anything else. I foresee going on an adventure in D2 to rediscover our abilities/develop new abilities by seeking out Ahamkara.

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Many enemies in Destiny have gotten where they are because of their mastery of one particular type of Light. It stands to reason that the Akamhara as creatures could be masters of the Void, or its Deep equivalent.

After a little bit of research I found some
Theoretical evidence that the ahamkara might be living on Jupiter as said on long tomorrow 9g it reads “Some of 'em survived. I know a fellow says he saw a wish dragon on Jupiter a ways back.” This state’s that his friend saw a wish dragon probably after the hunt so since one of the place we might be going to in D2 is Europa due to the early concept art of the icy moon we may actually encounter the ahamkara.

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I have a theory almost entirely copied from my name is byf. I believe that the ahamkara are the same beings as the worm gods because (and this was mentioned by my name is byf) when Xi Ro was talking to her sisters at one point she said oh sisters mine

They are certainly related, but I think they are polar opposites. The Worms loathe the Light whereas the Ahamkara were only interested in sharing their knowledge of the universe, for a price. They didn’t care about the Traveler. They may be the same species, but had diverged a very long time ago both taxonomically and ideologically.

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Good Idea but I still can’t shake my name is byf’s theory