About the Community creations category

Recently we’ve had some great submissions from our community, and we want to provide a space for them. This forum category is dedicated to those submissions.

So whether you want to find fellow Lore-fans to put together a movie, or you want to get feedback from our knowledgeable community about a story that you’re writing, or even if you want to show off some artwork that you’ve been working on, this is the place for you! :slight_smile:


Ok, people are getting worried that we are making too many Community Creations. do we need to settle down a little, or are we fine?

I mean, I don’t think we are harming anyone, as you can filter out the Community Creations category. If you want to see only lore, than filter that.

Lore has 399 posts.

Community Creations only has 67.


Please clear this up for me, and many other users. That would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!