Adventure: Psionic Potential

Name: Psionic Potential
Recorded: 2018.05.16

++Braytech Futurescape, Hellas Basin, Mars

Ana Bray: Hey Guardian, I’m picking up some strange radio chatter. I need you to check it out. Know anything about Psions?

Ghost: Telepathic, aggressive… and surprisingly adaptable. They were once conquered by the Cabal, but now they fight alongside them.

**Guardian dispatches 2 Psion Couriers and obtains a set of Encrypted Orders from each

Ghost: We’ve intercepted the orders the couriers were carrying, Ana… but they’re encrypted.

Ana Bray: There has to be some way to read them. Checking sensors… aha! There’s a commander near your location. He should have what you need.

**Guardian locates and eliminates Val Tragur, and obtains a Cabal Key

Ghost: Decrypting the files now.

Ana Bray: What do they want?

Ghost: To transform. To evolve into Flayers. But they need Rasputin to do it.

Ana Bray: Yeah, they’re just gonna make him mad.

**Guardian travels towards Rasputin’s core

++Mindlab: Rasputin, Hellas Basin, Mars

**Guardian defeats a large number of Flayer Aspirants and other Cabal foot soldiers just outside Rasputin’s core

Ghost: These Psions could never take on Rasputin by themselves. But now that Ghaul’s gone, I wonder who’s running what’s left of the Red Legion.

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