An idea for Destiny

Oh man oh man its been so long since I have written on this forum! As you may know i have had some pretty… crazy ideas in my day of a member of the Destiny community. And I must say, this is going to be the craziest of them all! But before I tell you it, I must tell you a little back story, for years Destiny changed my life, I absolutely loved it and when Destiny 2 came out that also changed my life. My dad never bought it so I never got to play it, until I went over to my friends house. I binged the campaign then once I finished it i started to feel, lost. I did all i needed to for the vanguard, the crucible was full of no life’s, I didn’t have anything else to do… the curse of endgame Destiny 2 struck me like a truck. For months I read grimore cards and then 1 month turned to 2 and 2 turned to 4 I started to play more mobile games since I got a new phone. Then the curse of osiris cane out, I started a play through on YouTube, I got about 3/4 of the way through then I stopped it. More months went by and the Warmind came out, I never watched anything on that though. Then my second favorite game came out on mobile, Ark Survival Evolved. I played that for months then I got a forum email, from this very forum, a thought struck me. Destiny mobile!! I know I know sounds dumb but hear (or read) me out, Destiny mobile could be an entirely different game. A game about people fighting together, Destiny: Fireteam.
It would be a game were you make your own fireteam and battle other fireteams or fight with them in a campaign. Now I thought of where it would be set in the timeline, it could be set in the Destiny 1 campaign with plenty of mentions of a certain guardian who has great potential at defeating the dark, the console guardian you play (duh). Then it could slowly go through time towards the dark below (man haven’t heard that in a while) and then the house of wolves, the taken king, rise of iron, then Destiny 2. You and your fireteam would play support to the console guardian in the background. Such as keeping the hive at bay while he kills Crota, and helps get clues on where Skolas is, and helps keep the taken busy during kings fall. So that is my grand idea, Destiny mobile, a game where people unite and battle the darkness together. So I am asking you, help me make a simple simple level for Bungie to see if it would work out. So I’m looking for coders and animators who specialize in mobile games, I know a long time ago a member of this forum, a guy named Arcmind, told me he knew an old animator who worked for Bungie. Please help me make this idea come true, please do it for the Destiny community that doesn’t own Destiny but loves it any how. That is my idea, please help me make it true, Thank you- ZooSam10

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