An Unlikely Savior

A Warlock was crouched over a small flowing stream, gathering samples of blight-infested soil and water as two hired Titans stood guard.
Without warning, they were ambushed by a swarm of bloodthirsty Hive and reluctantly forced into a narrow canyon. As an Acolyte’s grenade erupted behind them, the fire team hastily moved toward the mouth at the end of the canyon.
As they ran, a Thrall tore through the armor of one of the titans. He screamed in agony as the claw ripped through the flesh and bone of his Achilles heel. He fell to the ground face first and was instantly overpowered by thrall. His Ghost shimmered above his corpse and was met with the edge of a Knights bloodied sword.
The Warlock and remaining Titan reached an almost perfectly circular clearing surrounded by walls of rock. The Warlock’s ghost tried desperately to summon their ship. As their ship rushed down from Earth’s orbit, the Titan’s exo eyes dimmed as he saw the Warlock transmat into the ship just as the Knight hurled its blade into the ship’s fuel tank. The Exo watched helplessly as the Warlock and her ghost ignited and crashed to the ground.
As the three-eyed husks closed in and surrounded him, the Titan’s fists pulsed with arc energy as he held off wave after wave of gnashing teeth and void bolts. He was thrown against a jagged rock and onto the ground as a cursed thrall’s body detonated in front of him, His ghost revived him and returned to safety as the horde closed in. The Guardian looked up at the knight who was now towering over him, laughing in mockery.
The Knight lifts his massive cleaver in preparation for the Exo’s execution. A loud crack suddenly echoed through the clearing. Then silence. The Titan raised his head and set his eyes upon his foe to see two smoldering holes where two of his three eyes once glowed. Before the Titan could react, a storm of thundering arc rounds began mowing down the Hive in front of him as if a small battalion had heard his silent cries for help.
Above the clearing stood a lone Fallen, the size of a Baron but with the ferocity and finesse of a mighty kell. It held a wire rifle with its left primary and secondary arms and a shrapnel launcher in his right set. The Fallen’s position had been compromised by the toxic smoke of a wizard at the base of the ledge he was posted on. Without hesitation, the mysterious Fallen leapt from the ledge unloading his firearms into the skulls of the hive horde. Before hitting the ground, he pulled four arc swords out for each arm; driving two through the wizard’s shoulders and two through her abdomen. A smile began to form underneath his mask as the wizard’s screams echoed through the battlefield.
The Fallen and Titan made their way toward one another. They exchanged glances for only a second before the guardian handed the Fallen warrior an auto rifle. Together they fought side by side until all that was left were mounds of hive ashes. The two stood no less than five feet apart.
“Vendetta…” the Titan said extending his worn robotic hand.
“Kelvix”, the Fallen said in low drawn out clicks then meets the guardian’s hand with his own.
They sat silently next to one another for awhile. As the Titan’s ghost healed his wounds he couldn’t help but stare at Kelvix, who sat as a ghost-sized Servitor healed the Fallen with Ether. Kelvix stood, nodded to the Guardian, and scaled the cliff side like an insect scales a wall, before disappearing.

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