Ana Bray's golden gun

I’ve heard it said multiple times that Ana’s pools of light from twilight gap are still there to this day, but I haven’t been able to find any sources. the closest i could find was this which seems to be from praedyth, who we know has been long dead. does anyone have a more current source?

this is where it started.

I havent heard that at all. I mean, if she left pools of light i feel other guardians would have wanted to go through them, pick them up. Your lore link says that they are there then they are gone. That probably has something to do specifically with the timelost piece you look for on that mission, which is Ana’s bracelet. Now that its gone, likely, the intermittent pools of light (as leftover energy/light present in the bracelet) are now gone too.

i’ve heard it on the bungie forums and in a few of byfs videos. that entry says it’s gone, which leads me to believe that it refers to the whole vision. the issue is that our only knowledge on when it happened is sometime before the first vog attempt.