Another Darkness Power..Mindbending?

Now this is really a crude idea with low amounts of evidence.

I think it matches the darkness subclasses idea of like freezing enemies or (not confirmed yet) making them burn in poison. I thought about it and I thought maybe there might be some sort of Psychic class. Any thoughts?

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I’d say that while psychic would be a good assumption due to the darkness being know to bend people’s will I’d say that it’s more likely for us to at some point have abilities based off of either the taken’s ability of creating blights or using some of the powers that the rumored veil have always been said to have

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well it is said in the exo stranger lore that is a force that can be controlled and anyone can do it. but it temps you to leave the light behind and it trys to control you.

In addition it would be quite difficult to visualize mind bending/ control as a subclass in game which would stop this from being a thing

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but hey. it would make great content

Kind of but lore isn’t enough for them to decide to make a subclass, you’d also need a way to make the subclass look interesting

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In addition I think it would make since for each set of subclasses to get a fourth and the fourth subclass for the light would be powers based off of diminishing the abilities of the dark in their radius and the opposite for the dark which would be diminishing the abilities of the light or it could be like there’s a clear good and evil thing drawn between the dark and light version of this subclass where the light version of the subclass could be all about buffing allies whereas the dark version could be all about rebuffing enemies and bringing them down to the depths of the darkness with you

there is no evil or good. same goes for light and dark. it is rooted deep in morals for all we know we could be the darkness. a dead corps rises from the dead to fight for a power that they never have ever herd of. what just because some ghost gives you something to do and now you have faith in the traveler? you never get to find out who you are and what you did before you died. they keep you fighting tossing you in to battles they are to lazy to fight them selves. in the vex garden, a flower shaped as a ghost spoke to a hunter. the flower cut the hunters hand when he went to touch it. the ghost said “you are a dead thing fighting for a dead cause, a empty body striped of there memories and free will. a leader who fights of revenge…out casting great minds and shaming the practice of a new” the hunter froze “there is no light or dark. war pigs run the frontiers. who are you really fighting for?” the flower died and the hunter left the garden. the hunter still has the cut on his hand reminding him… who he was really fighting for. im not bashing zavala in any way btw