Any grimoire cards/stories that could be turned into machinima?


I want to help too! with anything!


You don’t need to send the whole thing if you’d rather not but I can do what I can. :blush:


I haven’t heard of Dwindler’s Ridge, which grimoire card is it from?


The Dwindler’s Ridge saga follows the story of Shin Malphur’s mentorship by the Guardian Jaren Ward, who was later killed by Dredgen Yor. Shin Malphur, who was born with latent Guardian Light, took up his master’s Ghost and weapon, and avenged him by killing Dredgen Yor at a location called Dwindler’s Ridge some time later.

You might be more familiar with the D1 weapons at the center of this story, The Last Word and Thorn.

You can read more about Shin here, Jaren Ward here, and Dredgen Yor here.


Kabr’s fireteam might be a good story for the medium, if you can coherently piece together what happened.


Thanks, I know the story I had just forgotton the name Dwindlers Ridge.