Any lore on the vex that makes you fear them?

I want to learn fact about the vex that will make me piss my pants

Though I personally don’t have anything, the general goal of the Vex is still a scary one. Their desire to essentially turn the entire universe into one giant super computer. A universe where nothing could live except them. With the fact that they can already time travel (though a lot of evidence tells that it’s more like dimension hopping), and even control the timelines when within their territory (i.e. the Vault of Glass) so much so that they can cause you to just, not exist in your timeline anymore, is frightening. The thought of just suddenly not existing, and the entire universe adjusting to you, not only no longer existing, but also to you suddenly never having existed in the first place.

The thought of what they could do if they achieve their goal. The power they would have. They would just keep going until every possible universe and timeline was nothing but a giant machine.

There is a chance that, if they win in one universe, then they win in EVERY universe.

Long story short, time is scary when you sorta get in deep thought.

I think the fact that the Vex made a Mind exclusively for the purpose of taking Saint’s light from him is pretty scary. It’s not a stretch to think that if we get trapped into a simulation and they can’t kill us with numbers, they’ll just make another Mind to steal/seal our light to kill us.

I actually just finished reading through Clovis Bray’s logbook, and now I’m low-key terrified of the Vex. Especially after Elsie describes that they’ll take over the future, the present and then even the past leaving nothing else in existence that isn’t them.