Anyone know why there hasn’t been podcasts here in a while?

I know it’s just Lord Baxter not making any, but there seems to be a lot to talk about. Forsaken is huge with lore, and it seems like you could talk for hours about it. Plus you could rant about trying to beat the freaking Forge.

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It seems to be because of the difference in time zones and that Baxter, Purple and Norman haven’t had the time to sit and make a podcast. However, Baxter and a few others have created what’s called the Loose Canon Show, which happens fortnightly.


That exists? Thanks!

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Sorry about the lack of any podcast episodes lately! I’ve been working with @AnonPig and others on Loose Canon as @Volts42 said, which you can watch live on Twitch every other Sunday, or you can watch the episodes we’ve recorded so far on YouTube. There should be a new episode going up in the next couple of days about the Black Armory.

As for the Ishtar Collective podcast, we haven’t got any plans to record a new podcast episode soon, although we do have some plans for something different in the near future :slight_smile:


Thanks, I didn’t know there was a twitch/YouTube.

Something that would be cool is to see the Ishtar Collective make a podcast with DnDestiny. The reason I am suggesting this is just because of the massive influx of D&D players, and that I myself, am one of these people.
Yeah, just wanted to toss this idea out there for fun.


Yeah, I want to play dndestiny so much, and a podcast about it would be interesting.

wait DnDestiny EXISTS? I had no idea!

Yep! It is quite interesting.

it does my friend, in fact I am in the process of moderation a server for it on discord, we are in the processes of adding a usable battle dice roll while still including all the stats and saving throws

Holy shit, really? I’ve never gotten into DnD, but that sounds really cool. Might have to check it out.