Are the Vex Undefeatable?

I was writing the next part of my fan fic and since they were fighting in the Vault of Glass I was thinking (and writing) about the Vex. But then the thought hit me. What if the Vex are completely unstoppable? We have established they can travel through time and so what stops them from being immortal? Because what if once their future self dies the past one can simply change what they do to not die? The Vex are a headache enough already (not to mention terrifying) but if I am right then they are more terrifying than ever before. Now an ultimate and unstoppable force. Your thoughts?

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the vex are the most situational powerful beings second the the hive, they could actually delete you from existence but only if certain conditions are met, such as being in a certain place ect.

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So the Vex are quite powerful and seem to be invincible. I actually had this discussion with my brother a while ago, are they actually unstoppable. So the Vex are a single mind and thus seem impossible to beat. If you think of each Vex goblin or hobgoblin as a small part of the Vex “body” then it can be quite discouraging, but think about this, the when we kill them the “body” loses parts however small. Obviously the larger ones are larger portions like an arm or a leg, so killing them strikes a larger blow to the “body”. So in theory if we kill enough small ones the body would cease to function. This actually doesn’t work because the number is just so large it would take forever, because the “body” of the Vex has so many “arms” or “legs” that the amount of cells (small Vex like goblins) would be innumerable. I think that if we kill enough large Vex like Atheon or the larger ones we find in strikes and such, we can cripple the vex to where they can be easily defeated. Each time we kill a large Vex it is a bid deal. It’s like chopping an arm off of the “body”, so keep up the fight Guardians!

Yes but I am talking about how they can time travel and possibly reverse those events or simply bring a past self with knowledge of the future to the present to replace the old killed one. Your thoughts on that?

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Interesting idea. I think it is a possible tactic for the Vex; however, there are still a limited number of versions of whichever Vex is doing the time traveling, so in theory you would just have to kill each version of said Vex. I think there is a D2 strike where you kill a Harpy that is in charge of bringing important Vex back to life. So yeah I think that might be possible. My question for you is, how can the Vex with the information go back if he already had an encounter with us (we tend to not really leave any witnesses/survivors)?

Well the idea is that it would kill us so that is a tad irrelevant but good question. But you are right. It would be a limited thing but by the time we mowed through a seemingly infinite onslaught there would be more to come from fresh off the press, all the while they are learning more and you are wasting your resources to hold out. Perhaps this is how they killed Saint-14? Because I for one find this terrifying to even conceive.

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What happened to Saint-14 is he was fought in a simulation that had an infinite number of Vex until they were able to find a way to suppress or drain or something with his light (Honestly don’t remember from the story) and so they could kill him. But that was inside a part of the Infinite Forrest which is a Vex Simulation. Which raises the possible question of are we even real or are we being Simulated?

I don’t think we are in a simulation mostly because, vex cannot simulate all of the light from the guardians. The only reason they were able to take down saint-14 is because, he was individually fighting them for maybe thousands of years. But I’ll put it into in my mind to think about.

But, arguing for arguments sake here, couldn’t the Vex create a simulation where we believed light couldn’t be simulated. Like in our simulation, which is the “real world”, we believe the Vex can’t simulate us but in fact we are already in a simulation.

my answer to this is I don’t know if we are. There were a lot of people theorizing about when we entered the forest we were trapped but that is all I know.

I personally believe that each “simulation” is actually a different timeline. But we refute the fact that in some timelines or universes they actually won. So instead we call them simulations.

that would be very interesting

I have plenty of “interesting” ideas. But most are not Destiny related. Though through my theory I can still tie them in.

I agree that they are extremely powerful. But I also believe that’s why Osiris is fighting the good fight against them. Him constantly traveling and disrupting the possible timelines in the forest should keep the occupied. Either that or the light/traveler leaving our system could possible deter them.

Quite possibly but the points still stands. Eventually there will be enough to overwhelm anyone.

that is what the races fear (well except for Oryx who thought that they can destroy the vex but he is dead now)but if we can beat them it would be a battle of universal magnitude.

Yes I imagine that we will either ally ourselves with the existing races in the future, or kill them all off. Then we’ll left to fight the Vex.

Ok, so. Here are my thoughts after skimming through.
The answer to this is Yes and No.
Yes, they are undefeatable if we were to be super lazy. But if we kept up the progress. (I think back to the Nexus Mind.) We could keep killing the mind before they have a chance to finally reconstruct. So if we had set teams of guardians assigned in continually killing Vex Minds, we could effectively bring out the bigger Vex minds. (Planetary minds.) Which could cripple entire planets of Vex. (Argos, Panoptes. Mainly Panoptes.) As Osiris took control of the Infinite Forest somewhat.
So all in all, if we were to continually put down and purge the Vex before they have a chance to reconstruct, and continually target the big ones like Planetary Minds. We could possibly take out them for good.
Also, Vex don’t actually “Time Travel” as we have seen with the Infinite Forest. They appear to do so because we constantly enter their simulation spaces. (VoG, Infinite Forest.) Where they simulate different timelines. So while they appear to do so, they actually are either putting you in a different simulation, or put themselves in a different simulation.
As for the Simulation of a world without Light, well. Then it’d be one big case of Lucid Dreaming. Think about Vex vaults and simulation worlds as a dream. Constantly changing, but if you can ignore the fact that it seems real, you can really screw with them.
To wrap it up, if we kill them quickly enough, and get to a point where all the guardians could somehow kill every Mind at the exact same time, then we possible could kill them. (They are literally like a Hydra in mythos.)
We just need to get our arses in gear and start assigning ourselves to specific Vex minds.


Well if you are right then what stops the possibilities of the world we say is “reality” is in actuality a simulation? We can never know.

Then the Vex, for cold calculating machines, are the most sadistic things ever.