Ascendant Raisins -- what are they?

The Grimoire card seems to be a Bungie joke to justify a random quest that awards a “celery stick”, of all things, and a nifty shader upon completion. But what, if any, lore significance would they have at all? If taken seriously, the Raisins are implied to be sentient but not malevolent, and that’s it.

I’m rather surprised no one has thought to bring up the “Savathun’s behind everything” hypothesis again when this card came out.

What are your thoughts?

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They could be Hive spies since they are Ascendant. They could be Savathun or Dredgen Yor. Or Worm God’s, or Ahamkara. I don’t think these would ever play into the universe unless Bungie makes it a long running Lore joke.

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I think that’s what will end up happening. It’s a carryover from the 2015 Festival of the Lost event, and that “piece of celery” will have some importance down the road.

They could be raisins that, when eaten, bestow upon the consumer Ascendant status of the sort we Guardians siphoned from Crota.

I stand by my theory that next year during FotL we will receive peanut butter and have to assemble all three to make ‘Ants on a Log’


Haha, most likely! Perhaps we’ll end up making a meal for Eris that gives back her eyes.

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Year 2: Raisins
Year 3: Ascendant Raisins and Wilted Celery
Year 4: Ascendant Celery and Bland Peanut Butter
Year 5: Ascendant Ants on a Log. The Snack of Hive Gods.
Year 6: Toland returns to our dimension to eat our snack and we gain infinite knowledge about the hive.


Makes sense in a way.

oh my god wait. by that time frame think about it.

Year 5.

There are 5 letters in Toland if you forget one letter!!>!>!>!>!>?!?!>!?!>?!>!??!?!??!?!?!??!

dude that’s confirmed right there

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Time to pull out my spinfoil hat.

What if we get toland comes back in Year 6 to steal it? Right before D3? D3 confirmed to be all about Toland.

Now we jumping down the rabbit hole… So what if in Year 6 we meet Osiris with toland??

Then we find Saint-14 working with both of them to stop a time traveling Lysander who is using vex technology to pull the Concordat through time so he can take the City in force and is drugged up on vex milk and ether making him a giant genius time traveler which is how he pulled concordat through in the first place! I’m going to remove my spinfoil hat now…

yeah before you go to far down the rabbit hole…

Savathun is the Speaker.

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Take the foil hat off before you’re gone

this thread took an unexpected turn.

It’s fine I think…

It did start with the topic of Ascendant raisins…so…

It could only go down from there