Asher's fate: A discussion on the fate of the victims of Vex Flu

now I have two (three) questions
What happened to his ghost did it die or convert?

Could we remove his arm and infected tissue without killing him?or is it too late?

And how come more guardians haven’t shared his fate?

First of all, isn’t that 3 questions :smile: ?
1.In some of the lore it says that his ghost was converted too( Don’t remember which one).
I am not sure about the answers to the other questions, if you want me to try to answer them, just ask. :slight_smile:

I was wondering if his ghost was still “alive” as in like joined the vex , or like struggling like asher

I think its somewhere in between working for the vex and actually working normally, all I know is that it was converted and has a red eye.

Hm… well one of my friends from Discord is playing with the same concept and from what I’ve seen with his character… it would be a no… but that’s probably him speculating so that’s just a “maybe it is possible?” Of course if we just lopped of his arm and shot his ghost we’d be a-okay. Still, we don’t know that we can save him per say.

As for the third one, I am sure there are plenty (Kabir to name a likely one) that just haven’t made it into the game or lore yet. I am thinking that the Aeon Cult has something to do with that too…

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Asher Mir’s Ghost was only somewhat converted. With it’s eye being replaced by a Red Vex Eye.
While it can still speak, it normally stays rather quiet.

If we could have done this, wouldn’t we already have? I believe that the arm might just reappear after death, or it is somehow connected to his body to where it would possibly permanently damage him.

Because this was a specific Mind that could do such a thing. The Vex in, say, the Infinite Forest or Vault of Glass could not do it because they were more Reality Engines than an actually conversion based Mind. Otherwise, we would have definitely seen more. (The only Vex conversion we’ve seen is when we “Spliced” Vex legs onto our Guardian with the VoG Age of Triumph armor. Not that it was converted, rather replaced.)