Athenaeum World X

I don’t know if this is significant, but did anyone else notice the similarities between the ice world The Drifter describes traveling to in the Ancient Apocalypse Warlock set and the Athenaeum world described by Caluses’ scribes in The Chronicon?

The Drifter’s tale (1st entry) :

Chronicon entry:

Yes. I am of the opinion that they refer to the same place. Also, I think you linked the same book twice.

Welcome to the community! I’m interested in your finding. However, the first link takes me to the same place the second link does. Was it supposed to link a different lore entry?

Well this is a bit late. Looks like I accidentally linked the same thing… I can’t be arsed to find the other link again, sorry. You can probably find it by looking up “ancient apocalypse set” and reading the lore entries.

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