Attributing Uldren's resurrection to Pulled Pork?

Why are we jumping to the conclusion that the ghost seen reviving Uldren Sov in Queen’s Court (Loop 5) is Pulled Pork?

While the ghost meets the description of Pulled Pork given in the Pulled Pork lore entry (“It’s Reef-purple, with a flowerlike silhouette and silver detailing”), it seems a stretch to me to jump from that similarity to the conclusion that it’s the same ghost.

Well we can’t be completely sure since the ghost was never actually name din game last time I checked. The two reasons I know of why we came to this conclusion are because the ghost has the same design, and that their tendencies/actions are similar. Also welcome to the community!

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Is it appropriate, then, for Ishtar Collective to link Queen’s Court (Loop 5) to Pulled Pork without pointing out the tenuousness of the link? Shouldn’t there be some caveat or "editor’s note on the transcript?

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Pulled Pork is generally accepted as being Uldren’s ghost not just because he has the same description as the ghost in the cutscene but also because he scans random things while looking for his guardian, as the ghost in the cutscene does, and he was in the Reef in the Pulled Pork card, which is where the gateway to the Dreaming City is located. It would be a huge coincidence for there to be two ghosts who both have purple shells, who both scan random things, and who are both in the general vicinity where Uldren’s body was. It’s mentioned that Pulled Pork had been searching for his guardian for a long time, which would make sense if Uldren was his guardian since Uldren didn’t die until relatively recently.

Moreover, Brandon O’Neill, the voice actor for Uldren, has hinted that Pulled Pork was selected to be Uldren’s ghost because Pulled Pork is liked so much that it may offset any dislike towards Uldren. He was a guest on an episode of the Saint 14 Project Podcast (skip to about 17m30s for the part about Pulled Pork), where he said, “I think they united those two so that in case Uldren isn’t likable enough, no one will want to get rid of Pulled Pork.” That said, he did also mention that the ghost wasn’t named in the script, but considering he knows about Pulled Pork, it strongly suggests that Pulled Pork is actually Uldren’s ghost.


I don’t think much can be inferred from the purple ghost scanning random things. OUR ghost acts similarly in the opening cutscene of Destiny 1:

The rest of your points are interesting, though, and arguably the circumstantial evidence is significant enough to weigh in Pulled Pork’s favour.

I can’t watch the video at work, but I presume it’s the opening scene with all the cars. Unless I’m mistaken, there are skeletons and decomposing bodies in those vehicles. I assume it was scanning for the last vestiges of life.

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I want to think the shell was a gift from Mara, a little insight into the future.

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