Been out for a while

K, so I really haven’t gotten the chance to get into the new season of dawn and was wondering if I was missing anything important? (lore, game info, anything really)

Oh buddy. You gotta read the two new books.

Constellations is the most important one imo.

Wait! You already have, Nvm. I haven’t come across anything new, no.

I know I’ve read one, ill check out the other

Devil’s Ruin is out, we may get new info on Twilight gap with it. I’ll have to look later

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I was mainly talking about the mission. That has been in the API for awhile, but t is still good to read.

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Turns out we get some great dialogue from Osiris, Shaxx, and Saint-14. About 3 minutes of it. After the mission there is 2 or 3 minutes of just dialogue from the three. Can’t wait to hear it.


Did the mission, we did get some new information, but the thing that stuck out to me the most is the new information that Gjallarhorns are forged from the armor of fallen Twilight Gap guardians. I find this really cool.

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I think we knew that already actually. It is in the Grimoire card from D1.

Well then. It was then news for me I guess. Still cool information

It is probably more poignant when verbalized by the commanders who were there tbh.