Books of Sorrow—the Cliff Notes

Amidst the hype for Destiny 2 and all of its exciting lore implications, for nearly a year Destinypedia has labored on a “cliff notes” version for the wonderful Books of Sorrow. The completed collection of forty eight Grimoire cards (excluding Curiosity and Insight) can be formidable to casual lore readers, and even to experienced lore masters.

The “Cliff Notes” contains:

  • a summary that divides the Books’ content into five sections based on subject with direct links bracketing each section
  • a roster for characters and other entities
  • the main body of the text
  • a trivia section that breaks down some of the pseudoscientific and scientific terms mentioned, including paracausal and syzygy.

The Cliff Notes ironically are about the same size as the completed record on Destinypedia, but more clearer. It is not completely exhaustive, even though it looks like it, and contains links to the actual Grimoire collection for anyone wanting to read it themselves.

I hope you all enjoy what Destinypedia has created. @Arcmind and @RedRenegade has also contributed greatly to this project.