Breaking the 4th Wall?

So I’m no lore expert, but I went digging for some info on the Ahamkara, since I saw one of the Ahamkara items being sold by Xur. In, it said, “… oh player mine.” Is this a 4th wall break, is it referring to the wearer as a metaphorical player in a galactic “game”, or both, or neither? I’m just curious, since I’ve never seen something like this before in a lore entry.


I think this is a phrase the the Ahamkara use commonly. I listened to a Meylin vid the other day and he was talking about “oh ____ mine” in some leaked content and how it related to the Ahamkara. I think “player” refers to the person playing the game directly with the Ahamkara as they were hunted to extinction due to the whole wish thing. Good insight though!!! I am anxious to hear what some of the community have to say about this.

I presume that you’re referring to the Skull of Dire Ahamkara. (Please cite your sources, our search functionality is easy to use :wink:)

This particular Lore Entry is a little different to a lot of the Ahamkara related items. The bones have always seemed to speak to their owners, referring to them as “bearers”, but this one acknowledges that and takes a different approach, appearing to talk directly to the player.

All I know is that YOU are not an illusion. Understand? This world around you, the people you meet—they’re a little thin, right? Cardboard and drywall. Cheap theater.

This could be a reference to the fact that the foes that we face, and most of the allies that we make, are characters in a video game.

I came to find you, only you, because you’re special. You’re from somewhere real. And together we can burn our way back there. Can’t we, o player mine?

And this could be a reference to the real world, as opposed to the world of Destiny. We are from “somewhere real” and we are “players”.

Of course, there could be a bunch of other interpretations as well. So whether it’s breaking the fourth wall or not is hard to say right now :slight_smile:


The Ahamkara could quite possibly think of the events of the Destiny universe as a game (as you mentioned above) due to thier immense power and knowledge. As our guardian is a part of that universe we are ‘players’.

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