Brother Vance: Misunderstood Scholar or something else?

Given the recent revelations of B Vance and the OG Trials of Osiris in Trials and Tribulations, I have some thoughts on the entire situation behind ToO. I always understood it to be a way to build and grow the most powerful guardians to resist the second rise of the Dark/whatever Osiris saw in the Infinite Forest. Now, it seems that Vance was behind it primarily to increase his pull with the Queen and with Osiris. Even worse, it also seems he was willing to sacrifice guardian lives to do so.

Man, i read that too and it’s just that he could feel something through Guardians deaths but it wasn’t anything criminal till Osiris decided that Vance got too far. But it looks like he received some sort of connection with Darkness as a result.

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Possibly so, yeah. The thing that got me was how satisfied he was with a final death happening during the Trials when the RL snuffed the Traveler for a hot minute.