Bungie Blocking Lore

Hey folks, with the recent announcement on login screens after the weekly reset yesterday making some ripples on the Bungie forums, I thought I’d bring a question to the Community here.
As some of you may have seen, the Pigeon and the Phoenix lore book will be removed from the game next week at reset, giving players one set time to acquire it. How do you feel about lore being removed in this manner?
I, for one, find it disappointing. The lore is the one thing that keeps me coming back to this game, and I am afraid of what else they may remove if something like P&P is getting the eraser.

Why are they removing the lore books?

Not the book, just the opportunity to acquire the pages.

Why? What use could that hold? Because some people have to wait until quite late in the season to be able to acquire the season pass which is a problem if they take away the ability to acquire lore books

I am not sure why they decided to do that. Maybe to encourage/force people to play CoT?

Yes but some people don’t have access to the season at the beginning of the season to catch these things

Exactly, and short of lurking places like Ishtar, they will never have the chance to experience the Lore once the chance to acquire it has been lost.

Yep exactly 20 characters

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kinda bothered me that a similar thing is happening to bastion, even if its mediocre i would at least add it to a random drop pool

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I don’t think Bastion is going away, because I don’t think Saint-14 is going away. After tomorrow’s reset, Saint will have the bastion quest, and you won’t have to run through the corridors to get it. I bet it will function like the Levi’s Breath quest where you can only get it the season it comes out if you have the pass, but after that season everyone can grab the quest. Don’t know what is going to happen with Devil’s Ruin though.


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