Cabal Speculation theory

So far in this game literally every enemy has come and stomped on the Cabal and we have wiped out all of their leaders in this area. I’m wondering what in the world do the remaining Cabal do now that they have no leadership, can’t go home, and are being overwhelmed by us, the vex, and the hive and taken. My only idea is they are just waiting for reinforcements to arrive but I don’t know.

Follow their standing orders, defer to whatever Bracus or Valus that hasn’t been killed yet – the Sand Eaters and Dust Giants have a Primus hiding somewhere, not to mention the unseen Bone Crushers that haven’t appeared in game but mentioned in the guide – and wait for reinforcements. Outbound Signal has it established that reinforcements are coming, and it is likely the other Legions have sent distress calls as well.

D2 will likely focus on the Cabal, as D1 focused initially on the Vex and later expanded upon the Hive and Fallen.

I’m hoping its just I have seen so little things that the Cabal are doing and Bone Crushers??? Never heard of em or seen them in a guide or what not.

They are mentioned in the Destiny Official Strategy Guide, and nowhere else.

Weird well hopefully they do focus on Cabal I mean all we are doing is speculating that it will focus on cabal

They are still strong. They held Mars from the Vex while also reaching Mercury and doing some digging there. They control Mars, not just one city, but all of Mars. The Cabal do not retreat, they do not accept loss. Their leadership is broken but the Cabal will still fight until they are all dead. They couldn’t go home anyways, the only way home for them is victory. They most likely are focusing more on recon right now. We have seen evidence of them studying us or watching us. Plus with the dust palace and mercury it appears they are searching for something. Other then that we can assume they are just waiting for reinforcements which we can probably expect in Destiny 2.

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Keep in mind that this game has changed a lot and not everything in the guide will actually be in the game.

Oh that for certain; they only appear in the guide, not the game. Still, Destinypedia records it there. They may be resurrected for D2.

So all the Cabal are doing is sitting on their behinds or are searching for something special seems possible.

Seems like we just will have to wait till the trailers hit us with a hype train to know for sure.

I wouldn’t say sitting on their behinds. They are still active and still fighting. I am sure there is still battling between vex and Cabal. We are really the only reason the Cabal lost any ground or power. We are something they cannot defeat.

I wrote that poorly I meant to say they are just keeping what they have not really pushing for more territory or any thing the vex have.

then yes, I would agree.

Keep in mind, the cabal we’ve encountered are considered “a few unsupported scout legions.” With the weapons at their disposal, imagine what we’d face from a legion intended for assault, or their elite.

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Death, lots of repeated death…and many shields to the face.

Fus Ro Spaan!

The image that just played through my mind is terrifying.

@Snapshot “Soarin’, flyyyin’…”

Well I do hope to see more of the phalanx’s but if there is a raid there better not be a giant phalanx in it

If there is a giant Phalanx in it, it’ll be hilarious if he does send people flying. I’d image they’d code in different animations for him to use, seeing he’ll be yuuuge.