Calus-bots!?! What now!

As a curious guardian, I have been wondering, what could the Calus robots in the leviathan mean for the future of destiny in that particular story line. What if Calus died a long time ago and someone else has taken his name!?! That is very bizarre, but who knows what could happen! Has this occurred to anyone else?

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So, I believe the general understanding is that Calus still exists, but either wishes to keep his actual form hidden/safe, OR that he has transcended from a traditional physical form.
The reason there are so many Calus robots is so that he can keep testing species/individuals such as us to deem us as “worthy” or not, potentially with an end to recruiting such people into Calus’ shadows.

From the various lore tabs and such, it seems that Calus’ main belief is that the end is coming for the universe, and he only wishes to enjoy life until then (hence the wine and excess we see) as well as being the last thing alive before the end. So he tests and recruits folk to help him achieve this end.


Good insight. Though, I think that if the Robots are for testing the universe, maybe he plans to return from exile and forcefully reclaim the throne, so he can reign as emperor.

That is very much his intent.