Can Cayde dual wield Golden Gun?

"Golden Guns.

Lord Shaxx 1 and 2 have him taunting Shaxx about a match he won with Golden Guns, plural.

Seems possible, considering how Light and those who bear it are constantly adapting and changing. It would be interesting to see that in D2.

Yo, Red, I totally did not write a story months ago in which a Guardian dual-wielded Golden Guns while using Radiance.

That aside, I think Cayde just meant each time he popped a GG Shaxx would try and outrun it during their bet, not that he dual-wielded them.

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Lol what a coinkydink.

It would still be really cool though.

I would agree with this, just because he says “Golden Guns” doesn’t mean simultaneous Golden Guns :slight_smile:

Ya this is supported by the card as well:

“—try to outrace my Golden Guns.”

Keyword ‘outrace.’

We do know that the Vanguard have enhanced supers. Mission one of D2, Ikora throws two Nova Bombs in like 30 seconds.

Same with Zavala, but that matches our STRIKER super from D2.