Can Guardians change classes?

Just wondering if Guardians can change classes in the lore. I’m looking more specifically at Rezyl Azzir and Dredgen Yor. Azzir is stated to be a Titan, yet there is evidence for Yor being a hunter (hand cannons are Hunter weapons, Cloak of Dredgen Yor and Rose of Dredgen Yor being a Hunter artifact) and so I’m wondering if there’s any evidence for Guardians changing classes in the lore. Or maybe the darkness twisted Yor so much that it changed his class? I’m open for debate.


The fact that these are Hunter artifacts is likely a stylistic choice for gameplay, and doesn’t have basis in lore.

Weapons are not exclusive to class, and Rezyl used a Hand Cannon (Rose) in the days before he fell. Titans such as Saladin also wear cloaks, and Rezyl, being the fashion-statement he was – adorning his armor with trophies of fallen enemies, including Hive thorns… – likely kept on wearing his cloak. Also, the Rose of Dredgen Yor artifact refers to his Hand Cannon and his Light before his fall…

Funny thing, though; Dredgen Yor did become a hunter when he fell. He hunted for the Light of fellow Guardians, and the hope he once gave to people, now his victims. “Nothing dies like hope. I cherish it.

My point though, is that Rezyl was a Titan – likely embodied and created the ideal of the Titan class for future generations to follow – before he fell. After he fell, he ceased to be a Guardian entirely and became the very thing Guardians fought against, shedding all of what made him Rezyl Azzir.

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Pahanin, Jaren and Shin were all Hunters. Maybe that has something to do with it.

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I never thought of it from that angle. He also killed a Titan, so there’s that.

I think the fact that we have three seperate characters that can be different classes but we can’t switch on one character seems to imply that it’s not possible.
And we have one “flavour” per subclass.

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I would say no.

I think that maybe in the days before the last city when the “Risen” didn’t have official classes.

I think that the reasons we have classes is so it is easier for newer Guardians can focus on one target or objective.

Also it may be simply that if, say a new Guardian wanted to have the Strength of a Titan but the wisdom of a Warlock, then the Guardian would be told to be a Titan because a Defender, in my opinion, has to make wise and quite literally “game changing” decisions.

I think it would be too taxing for said Guardian, because they have to unlearn everything they know and then learn a totally new way of wielding the light and a totally new fighting style.


The Idea of changing classes only relies on the idea of stereotypical ideas of the three classes. While we may think of Rezyl being the stereotypical titan being as such does not prevent him from wielding the light in any manner that he choses or having any specific traits that may or may not be common among average titans. Perhaps the darkness only amplified the traits that were noted of him after his fall.


While I agree with the stereotypical three classes thing, I still think it would be incredibly hard, ex. Say a Hunter wanted to summon a Nova Bomb instead of a Shadowshot. It would probably take an immense of training to do it. (I’m doing some heavy speculation here) It probably isn’t as easy as buying a different of pants


I agree with you I don’t think that Rezyl really changed classes but instead changed his loadout and possibly parts of his outfit to more inline with his new perspective on life of sorts.