Can We Talk About The Traveler's Voice?

I’m geeking out so hard about the New Powers sidequest, and hearing the Traveler’s voice, for the first time.
I have not made it all the way through the new story yet, and this is sticking with me, massively.

I don’t even know where to begin with all my thoughts. So, let’s discuss this, and work out these feelings I’m having, maybe?

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I was actually confused on if that was really the Traveler’s voice or something else. Because when it was “talking” to you in the quest it was only quoting other guardians. For example, The voice says “You might have been kings and queens of the deep, but you have toppled oryx and have not replaced him!” Which is a direct quote from Toland the Shattered. As well one from the speaker a various other charecters. I guess we’ll find out later (Possibly the final expansion with the darkness.)

Well what if it’s like the Dark Forest? The light constructs that looked like Cabal told stories with each subclass mission. The traveler could be using others to talk either because A. We know them through the game or B. When they died their conscious was put into the traveler when they died.

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I got the feeling it was commending us for not accepting the power the worm gods would have given us.

Since the Cabal are not associated with the Deep, it is possible that the Traveler accepted their consciousnesses upon death.
Ghaul was a Lightbearer for a short amount of time… but when the Traveler woke, it destroyed him for misusing the Light. Perhaps the Traveler thought to see what Ghaul would do with that power, and when he showed his true colors, the “Big Guy” went “Nope… taking it back from you.”

Well we know the traveler is pretty much a machine so maybe it’s like, it’s defense mechanism. As for the voice, maybe it’s like a giant AI that talks to us through familiar voices.